How To Close All Open Apps On iPhone 11

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hi everyone my name is Kevin today I

want to show you how you can close all

open apps on your iPhone whether you

have an iPhone 10 and 11 or if you're on

an iPhone that's eight and prior where

you have the home button on the bottom

alright well why don't we start with the

iPhone 11 and take a look at how you

close all open apps and before we do

that one thing is Apple only recommends

closing apps if an app fails or you

absolutely have to close it sometimes I

like closing it just to know that

there's not that much open in the

background but once again Apple the

reason they leave apps open in the

background is so when you jump back to

that app it loads quicker so it's all

about performance but if you want to go

ahead and close the apps let me show you

how you do that so the first thing you

do is here I am on the home screen what

you do is at the very bottom of the

screen you put your finger at the bottom

and then you swipe up part of the way

and what you'll see happen is it shows a

view of all the apps that are currently

open and I actually have a whole bunch

of apps that are open and I think it'd

be nice to close some of these just so

you know things feel a little bit

cleaner so how do I close them well what

you can do is you can simply click on

one of them and drag it up and that will

close the app but that might take a

while imagine you have a lot of apps

open and you want to close a whole bunch

of them at once with Android you can

simply close all apps at once does

iPhone do something somewhere well

unfortunately not but you can close more

than one app at once and the way you do

that so right now I have three apps open

on my screen and what I'm going to do is

I'll use three fingers and I'll swipe up

and so I'm closing three apps at once

and you can even try to get four apps on

the screen and you can swipe up if you

have enough fingers on the screen you

could swipe all four of them up but I

found that about the max you could close

at one time is four but if you do that a

few times you could very quickly get

through and close all the apps that are

open on your phone now what I'm going to

do is I'm going to show you how you

could close apps that are open on your

iPhone 8 or before so on iphone 8 or

before what you do to close all open

apps is here to you double click on the

home button and that'll

pop up all the apps that are currently

open and what you can do here - just

like on the iPhone 11 you can simply

swipe up one app to close it and here -

you could also swipe multiple apps at

the same time to close multiple apps at

once alright well that's how you close

apps on your iPhone you can either close

one app at a time or you can even close

up to four apps at a time on your iPhone

anyway I hope this video was helpful if

you learned how to close apps on your

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