iPhone X How to Close Running Apps

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hey guys wait here from HD tech videos

today I'm doing a quick video I want to

show you how to close running apps on

your iPhone 10 so let's say I've opened

up a couple of apps here and I don't

want them to run in the background I

want to go ahead and do my swipe up and

have these running apps now one thing

you'll notice is you can't just swipe up

anymore you just swipe it up will not

get rid of the app it just takes you

back to the home screen right so what we

now have to do it's not cooperating okay

so if I want to close an app that's

running I have to first hold down on it

and this red - will show up and now I

can tap that to actually close the app

that's running okay so it's important

thing to note that process has changed

and that's the new way that we closed

out running apps so hope you guys do