How to Force Close Apps on Android

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hey what's up it's Jared with Stata tech

and today we're gonna talk about how to

force quit apps on Android so force

quitting apps is a good practice to get

into because it helps keep your Android

system from getting bogged down with

remembering the state of too many

applications that you were previously in

so every time that you're in an app you

can of course jump back to it easily and

multitask mode by swiping up if you're

on a pixel or hitting the multitask

button or recents button on your Android

phone so that you can kind of toggle

through all the different apps that

you've recently been using but some of

that has to stay stored in memory and

even though androids gotten really good

at making sure that not too many things

are running in the background it's

sometimes some apps still do that and so

really the only way to clear them out

completely is just to force quit them

now you want to make sure that you don't

have anything that you haven't saved for

example like a half typed text message

an Instagram post you haven't finished

posting or something like that before

you close an app because essentially

it's the same thing as closing an app on

your computer you want to make sure you

don't lose any of your work so make sure

you save or post or whatever backup

whatever you're doing before you close

out the app so on a pixel 3 or a pixel

device with that's pretty much full

gesture mode because there's no buttons

on it you would swipe up and then you

would just swipe up on the apps and

they're going to go away it's very easy

you probably already even know how to do

this on other devices such as a galaxy

device or other devices that still have

the buttons down at the bottom you would

just tap your recents button and do the

same swipe effect some of them are swipe

up some of them are swipe to the side

but they're pretty much all getting to

be about the same these days where just

swipe up in a similar fashion to the way

it is on an iPhone even so for squidding

apps definitely helps keep your phone

from getting really sluggish other

things that can keep your phone sluggish

are of course having too little of

available storage space on your phone so

for example maybe your phone is full of

apps photos and videos and so you don't

have a whole lot of storage left that

can cause a problem

I've got a video for that to show you

how to clear out some space

of course apps can clog up a little bit

too doesn't happen so much anymore but

apps can get clogged up and so clearing

the cache of an app can definitely help

and then of course if even after you

force quit a bunch of apps if that

doesn't seem to really cut it you can

just do a restart on your phone and that

typically seals the deal right there

sometimes we don't realize how long it's

been since we've restarted our phone and

even though Android phones do a great

job of running for a long time without

having to be restarted sometimes the

best thing is just to turn it off and on

again and it clears things right up so

don't be afraid to do that if your phone

continues to run a little slow that's

gonna do it for this video if it helped

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