How To Cancel Apple Music Subscription

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Hello and welcome to KahindoTech! In this video, I'll show you how to cancel your Apple

Music subscription. But before I begin, you should make sure that you have

updated your operating system to the latest...I think right now it's 11.XX

something. Cause the layout **settings app and other apps' layout** change with the new upgrade. So make sure you have

upgraded your operating system before you follow these instructions, okay. Anyways,

let's begin! Open up your settings. Once you're at your setting page

Look on the very top, underneath settings. It says "Jean Kahindo". That should say

whatever name you have set up on your iPhone. So tap on that, where it says "Jean Kahindo" and

"Apple ID"...whatever. So tap right there. It will take you here. Once you're here, scroll down until

you get to where it says "iTunes and App Store". Once here, on the very top, do you see

where its says, "Apple ID: Kahindo10@gmail.com". So tap on that *or* whatever your app ID is and then

this will come up. Tap on where it says "View Apple ID" and it'll take you here

slowly... it's a little bit slow

Come on...okay. And it should asked you to sign in, I already have my touch ID setup.

Okay now you're in, into your account settings. Once you here, scroll down to

where it says, I think it says "Subscription"...right there

It's loading...come on. Okay so, right now I'm using the free trial. That's why it

says...so this is like...it will show you your subscription like prices and everything

whatever. Scroll all the way to the bottom. You see where says "Cancel Trial"? Me, I'm using a

trial version. A free version for this video, but yours

should say "Cancel Subscription". So tap on where it says "Cancel Subscription" or if you're on

the trial also, tap on where it says "Cancel Trial" and then you still gonna confirm. That way, you

will be able to cancel your subscription. It's pretty easy, but if you

have any other questions or comments, please leave it *them* in the comment section

below. If you liked the video, give it a thumbs up and definitely subscribe to my channel.

channel for more videos like this thank you for watching