How to Cancel Your Apple Music Membership or Trial on iOS (2019)

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want to cancel your Apple music

membership or free trial so you don't

get charged we're here to help I'm

Jessica from Tech boomers comm and in

this video I'll be showing you how to

cancel Apple music on your iOS device

now let's get started

to cancel your Apple music subscription

on an iOS device open your settings

tap your name at the top

select iTunes and App Store

top your Apple ID at the top

in the window that appears select a view

Apple ID

scroll down and tap subscriptions

at the bottom you'll see a button that

says cancel free trial or cancel

subscription tap this button

then top confirm to authorize the


if you cancel an existing paid

membership you'll still be able to use

Apple music until the end of your

current pay period if you cancel a free

trial you'll lose access to Apple music

immediately that's everything you need

to know to cancel your Apple music


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