Canceling an Anytime Fitness membership

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all right it is Thursday February 9 or

February no it's not February 9th it is

670 where e8 I joined my contract

February 6 to say and I'm about to go

into Anytime Fitness and cancel I don't

know if they need this contract or not

which says I do not wish to be bound to

the agreement and contract Anytime

Fitness Club 3:09 to Glen Shaw PA this

was per what was on the contract so I

don't know if I need this but I did send

one in to Sherwood Arizona which did say

is where I needed to put it in the

contract so I'm about to go in and

cancel right now

just buttoning my shirt

hey man hey I have to cancel the

contract I don't know if you need this

it was on the contract I sent one into

Arizona where it said but I don't know

if you guys need to copy this or no and

all it says is just that it's I do not

agree to bound to the contract whatever

it is I just wanted to make sure I get

it within that three days yeah cuz it

was heavy weary 6th so and here's the

the fob - what made you change your mind

I didn't know that I saw him for two

years I thought it was just one year no

I made that apparent - you remember the

one year was the monthly installments or

the 1 year was the payment pool remember

you can still do the 1 year if you

wanted to it's the paid in full for the

390 if you wanted to switch over to that

mmm-hmm I mean to be honest too like no

I'm just I'm just gonna stick with I

might decide later on but yeah next time

you know I don't know if it is like the

one year I'll just pay in full for the

one year but yeah that's it was just a

misunderstanding that's long

do you still have that card on you I can



I appreciate it sorry about that her



it's a $50 translation for you to get

out of it

no problem

every war all right thank you so do you

need this or yeah keep it from my boss


you're gonna go is this there's nothing

else that I need there's no no form or

anything so I won't be charged anything


all right hits right here thank you


all right well there you have it I'm

good to go it was that easy to cancel so

and he even said I have my receipt

so I Sh I'm good