I Went Cold Turkey On Antidepressants *WARNING*

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hello hi Hayden yeah I don't really post

on this channel much unless it's

podcasts which I'm working on right now

I think I went up so free and they are

located there if you ever want to see

them but today is an important update

today because it has been Mental Health

Awareness Day I did not feel on film on

that day but um I wanted to talk about

some mental awareness and my own

personal discovery whilst being on

antidepressants and a little warning for

anyone that has gone cold turkey on

antidepressants or anyone considering

going cold turkey before I start this

video these opinions are my own

they aren't professional or anything

like that they're just how I feel and if

you do consider going off of yourself

please do consult your doctor which I

will be talking about okay let's get


right so in May 2000 18 this year I

started on a antidepressant called SCYTL

pram I always sat wrong I think it's

titled parameters of Mizzou I'm gonna

put it on a picture somewhere maybe up

there or down there or there the correct

spelling in a little box and stuff so I

started on that because I have a lot of

anxiety and depression anxiety ranges

from social anxiety overthinking and

stuff like that whereas depression is

more I can't get out of bed or be

productive so I went and spoke to a

mental I went and spoke to a GP a doctor

about what was going on and stuff and I

was prescribed the SCYTL medication and

so I was on that now when I first

started I was extremely tired a lot of

the time but that's your body adjusting

to the serotonin were being released in

the receptors and the extra boost from

the medication so I was I was given a

site old pram I was very tired for a

while but once it go into my system I

was very very productive I felt less

depression hardly any anxiety

and it was working fantastic for me

there were some side effects though

which I did question I did start having

a little bit of bleeding menstrual

bleeding which and it was nowhere near

my period or anything and I was started

missing periods also but that could be

very much with my PCOS which is

something completely different to the

medication so there was that and as I

said it worked fantastic for me I wasn't

allowed alcohol in it and there was some

other sexual issues being on SSRIs they

can cause you to have no libido and also

cause problems with your libido so

before going on these realize that can

be a case and a situation especially if

you're with a partner okay

so let's bring you up to date so with

this medication I'm on I was on site or

pram I'm gonna say it wrong the whole

time but it doesn't matter it got to the

point where I was getting very lethargic

and very tired and just worn out and it

didn't feel like it was working anymore

so I needed to talk to a doctor but

because I was worried because previously

when I called up a month beforehand I

was very much fobbed off by the doctor

and told basically here's some more of

the medication just deal with that and I

wanted to discuss how it was making me

fill so every time I tried to talk to a

doctor I wasn't allowed past the

receptionist the receptionist was like

you need to do a routine appointment so

I stupidly was like hey let's just go

off the medication I don't need to be on

it right now I want to maybe switch onto

another one or come off of it entirely I

thought it would be okay and for anyone

that is on medication like this you see

like you know what I can just come off

of it I'm feeling a bit better now I'm

getting less anxiety less depression I

can do this oh boy oh boy was I wrong

the first three days were okay I was

feeling productive again and then the

dizziness started the anxiety started I

had an episode of a hyperventilated had

a panic attack for an hour

everything started going very very bad

and downhill very quickly as the day's

progressed and I wasn't taking any

antidepressants until my body started to

be very much tired very much all over

the place my motor skills were tragic I

was falling over I was passing out I was

just just not having a great time and so

I had to call the doctors and I suggest

for anyone if you are going to come off

the medication please talk to your

doctor to wean off the medication I was

stupid for not weaning off the

medication and I threw some medication

away by accident because I was cleaning

my room and I was like I don't have any

more to win myself off either I know you

may be nervous in the situation and I

know I hate ringing for doctors because

you have to jump through hoops to get

the medication which brings us back to

this week so Monday I called the doctors

I got through to the receptionist again

bear in mind receptionists have no

medical training or experience in that

area and they are not qualified I told

the receptionist I need to speak to

doctors they said what is it about

I said I'm off my medication I've been

off of it for I believe eight days the

receptionist said this is not urgent

this is more of a routine appointment I

can book you in for two weeks time I

said you don't understand I'm in

withdrawal and I'm not meant to be off

of that she said I understand go down to

the pharmacist and get a refill from

your other one I was like I don't want

to be on the other one I'm having

problems with it she said there's

nothing I can do except book me in for

two weeks time I was disgusted by the

behavior I went down to the pharmacist I

asked her a refill

they said the GPS are backlogged by

eight days they took me into a room I

explained the situation but they were

confused that no one was willing to help

they gave me a helpline to call it is 1

1 1 in the UK it's the NHS urgent but

not until I went to the helpline I

called the helpline they assessed me and

they said you need to see a doctor

within 1

two hours to go back on your medication

because it's very important and they

told me to ring up the GP again get free

to the receptionist and ask to see the

doctor and extended hours to get the

medication in the end I got my mum to

ring four doctors because I was just so

nervous and anxious at this point I

didn't want to be fobbed off again by

receptionist and told that mental health

doesn't matter to the doofah to me

doesn't it's not important it's not seen

as an urgent appointment she spoke to

them and what she had to say was

basically depression means a lot to a

lot of people I need to go on medication

and after that conversation she had with

them I was put through to a doctor

within one minute the doctor asked how I

was feeling

what medication I wanted to go on and

that I need to go on medication straight

away this was continuously told to me

straight away you shouldn't be

withdrawing and so she gave me some

options because I said I didn't want to

go in the previous one and the one I'm

on now is phlox fluoxetine that's the

English word you probably can't see it

because it's not focused but this one is

basically the English version the

English name of Prozac so I'm on this

right now I was also offered therapy but

at the moment I'm doing a CBT course so

therapy it was fantastic doing two

sessions of therapy and if anyone wants

to hear about how therapy sessions went

and the two different types I went to

the braveman and the CBT I will do a

follow-up video if anyone has any

questions about being on medication feel

free to comment below because I want to

know what your experience is and has

been with Prozac and previous medication

and how you deal dealt with it and how

it's still seen as a stigma in a lot of

GPS and it's annoying because it is

urgent to people and it's I just wanted

to make this video for anyone that may

be going cold turkey or considering

going cold turkey and a bit of a warning

and some of the things that you can get

if that's the case

and that there still help for you out

there and there is also help lines that

you can call like I called one one one

to get fruit to their doctors and see

what they could do for me I'm now on

this one I my symptoms have all gone

because I have an antidepressant

so the dizziness has gone everything

else is decent at the moment I'm feeling

more of myself I'm not falling over

which is fantastic because falling over

all the time is not great FYI

but yeah I'm on these at the moment if

anyone wants any updates on these I

think I've been on them for I think four

days three four days and yes so they're

here so 105 days I've been on them for

five days so this is how they come and

you take one a day at midday stepping on

those for five days so far and I'm

feeling a lot better in myself yeah so I

just wanted to make this kind of update

video and for other updates on the

channel I'm doing a Doctor Who serious

review in the next video and the podcast

is going out in a few days I'm feeling a

bit more productive again and back into

my kind of decent mental I feel a bit

better now like mentally my head's like

not feeling like it's crying every five

minutes which is good really good so

yeah I hope you enjoyed this video if

you did please feel free to subscribe

and comment below about your mental

health experiences and if there's any

alternative to medication like this I'd

love to hear any herbal ones or any diet

ones because I really want to research

into getting myself better a lot better

mentally and with coping mechanisms so

yeah thank you and I'll speak to you

guys soon bye