Quitting a Job: How to Resign Gracefully

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Handing in your resignation

is potentially very awkward.

Ending any relationship is awkward.

That conversation just makes people squirm but it doesn't have to be as

painful or as uncomfortable as you can imagine.

Now whether or not you've made your decision to resign

or perhaps you've even been in the situation of a forced resignation.

What you want to bear in mind is the idea that you can make this experience

as positive

as possible. Not just for yourself but for the organization that you work for.

Now let's go back for a minute. Let's just bear in mind the fact

that you were given an opportunity. It began great.

You came in. You interviewed. You gave your best stuff. They saw the potential in you.

They decided to hire you. They give you money. You exchange services. It's a

business that is growing together and then something happened, right.

Something happened. It kinda went wrong or maybe you found a better opportunity.

Whatever the case may be this is not your opportunity to play the blame game.

This is not your opportunity to go back into a he said she said, then this

happened and that happened.

Forget about it. You've arrived at the decision which is really

the goodbye and I want you to focus on

the positive principles that you can use to make this the best experience


Why? Because you never know where this relationship is going to go in the


You never know who they know. You never know by

leaving your positive imprint where that can

advance you in the future and besides all of that it just feels

good. It reminds me of another favorite principal.

The golden rule. Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

The fact is it's uncomfortable for you. It's uncomfortable for them.

But imagine yourself in the opposite situation where you're the boss

and someone is resigning. How would you want that experience to go down?

Bear that in mind. Which brings me to my third point which is mine

your manners. This golden rule

is, its golden because it's just so good.

When you're thinking about your experience in this organization

take the time to highlight the positives.

Acknowledge the fact that you did gain something

by way of knowledge, experience, growth, opportunities

and in that space of that resignation give it a positive spin.

Explain what you took away from the experience.

What you hope that they took away from the experience. That your appreciative,

That you were given the opportunity in the first place

and that perhaps you will even do anything in your power to make the

transition even easier for whoever is

taking over after you. By

behaving like a class act, by using the best possible

etiquette, not only are you gonna feel so much better

in a clean exit, but you are also giving yourself the opportunity

to take this negative situation and spin it in the most positive light.

It is the perfect fuel to take you

on your next journey wherever that may be. So use this opportunity

as awkward as it may seem to be awesome. Inspire

the people that are around you, that there is a different way, but there is a


to sprinkle a little bit light even when things get a little murky.