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hello hello welcome back to intern and

Queen LAN I'm Lauren and I'm here with

my big pink phone to talk about

voicemails before we get started with

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we post a new video now when I was

younger I loved having really fun

voicemails my younger brother and I we

had our own line that's right and it was

7 9 1 ham and my last name is Berger so

think about that I will do our little

voicemail it was like hey what's up

how do you do it's Lauren and Jonathan

and we're talking to you okay so while

little Jonathan and I were very cute

probably not the most professional in

today's video we're gonna talk about

both what your voicemail recording

should sound like and then also how to

leave a professional voicemail when

someone calls you and you're calling

them back so first of all for your

voicemail again you probably can't be

singing like my brother and I used to do

but just have a clear voicemail that

clearly says that a it's you right like

if I'm an employer and I'm calling you I

want to hear that I'm calling the right

person I don't want to be confused or

thinking that I've called the wrong

number or that your phone number is out

of date so make sure that it's really

clear who you are keep it professional

as you never know who's calling you and

just keep it simple so something like

you know hi you've reached Lauren Berger

I can't come to the phone please leave a

message thank you but what I really want

to focus on for this video is you

leaving professional voicemails we call

a lot of students here at inter McQueen

we do a lot of interviews on behalf of

our clients on behalf of the brands and

different companies that hire us to find

them interns employees brand ambassadors

and we get a lot of calls back and those

calls back are real difficult all right

so let's get into the tips on how to

leave a more professional voicemail

because I am so sick of my face looking

like this

during a voicemail so I'm gonna help you

all figure out how it to leave a more

professional voicemail a couple of

things number one I want you to talk

clearly and that means slowly at the

appropriate pace if you're like I'm

Laureen and I my number two I can't hear

you and usually when you're taking a

voicemail message and you know jotting

it down and jotting the person's phone

number down you're typically typically

doing something else there's people in

the background I need to be able to hear

you and the message has to be paced

appropriately number two pace yourself

this is not a race you want to speak

clearly so somebody can understand you

and actually write down what you're

saying on a piece of paper number three

you need to speak at the appropriate

volume so whatever volume you normally

speak at unless you're known to be loud

I want you to pump up the volume because

if someone can't hear you they're not

gonna take the time to listen to your

message again and call you back so you

might miss the opportunity just because

you're not speaking loudly enough so

make sure to take note of that

number four leave your phone number

twice and again make sure you say it

slowly I want you to repeat your phone

number because again people are writing

down what you're saying and they may not

want to take the time to go back and

listen to your message again so make

sure to repeat your phone number twice

number five give all the information

that means first of all give your area

code don't just give you know the seven

digits of your phone number you actually

need to give that area code a lot of

people coming from high school are used

to just saying you know their number

because everyone has the same area code

and they're calling from their parents

landline everybody else has cell phones

so start saying the area code I'm still

from the seven to seven again give all

the information and tell them why you're

calling and what it's in regards to so

that's point number six so this means if

you got a message that said I'm calling

from Kohl's department stores about a

summer internship interview you should

say in your voicemail I'm calling about

the Kohl's department store summer

internship interview number seven

reference the time and date that you


we got the phone call if someone called

you Monday at noon great say that on the

voicemail because you want the person to

remember who you are and why they called

you and finally number eight sound

excited sound delightful sound like

someone who they're gonna want to call

back let them know how excited you are

to connect with them

and make sure that your passion shows

through in that voicemail so those are

your eight tips on how to leave a more

professional voicemail let's see what I

can do example beep hi this is Lauren

Berger you called me Monday at noon

about the internship with Seventeen

magazine I wanted to get back to you

ASAP my direct cell phone number is

seven to seven eight nine seven eight

eight eight eight again that seven to

seven eight nine seven eight eight eight

eight please call me back I really look

forward to connecting with you have a

good day boom done