Help! I Hate My Internship!

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hello hello welcome back to the intern

Queen YouTube recently I don't know if

you guys have noticed we've been trying

to answer a lot of your frequently asked

questions in our videos so I'm

constantly speaking at colleges and

universities and I'm always really

excited to hear the questions that

people have for me and when questions

stumped me I like that today's video is

also based on a question that I get

asked frequently and that question is

what do I do if I hate my internship and

look it happens right it's not always

gonna be the perfect match so here are

my tips for how to deal with an

internship that you do not like the

first thing is I do want to distinguish

feeling uncomfortable and not liking a

job right it is two different things if

you ever feel uncomfortable at your

internship if someone is speaking to you

in a way that they shouldn't be like

you've got to say something right you

got to wave your hands in the air and

you have to not not literally but you

gotta find someone to talk to about it

and I think at every internship it's a

little bit different sometimes you might

feel uncomfortable and go right to the

HR supervisor sometimes you might go to

your direct boss sometimes you might not

feel comfortable saying anything at your

internship and you might need to go to

your Career Center again if you're

dealing with sexual harassment in the

workplace if anything is making you feel

uncomfortable that is what I call a red

flag word you got to do something it's

like at the airport if you see something

you got to say something I don't want

anybody in an uncomfortable environment

alright so if you just don't like your

internship you're sitting around you're

bored here's a few tips for you the

first tip is give it two weeks I think

the first two weeks of an internship are

always difficult because you're getting

used to a company and a company is

getting used to you there's a lot of

times when companies don't have any

interns around and I think sometimes the

interns come in and the company is kind

of scrambling they're not used to having

to do their job plus be the internship

coordinator so I always say give it two

weeks call it a learning curve call it

whatever you want just give yourself and

the company time to get used to one

another the second thing is you always

want to be solution

oriented so I recommend asking your

internship supervisor who or whoever you

have that kind of relationship with to

sit down for five minutes you know

schedule a meeting with them and be very

positive and you say you know I'm really

excited to be at this company I know

when I first interviewed for the

position and read about it I thought I

was gonna be doing X Y & Z you know I've

definitely gotten to do this but maybe

not so much of that I'd love to work on

that more and if there are specific

tasks that you've identified during that

two-week learning period that you really

want to do bring those up in the meeting

I think it's great to approach your

internship coordinator with specific

tasks that you want to work on I always

like when our interns remind me of what

their ultimate goal is like let's say

their ultimate goal is to work in PR and

they told me that in the interview seven

weeks later when they start their

internship I might not remember that so

I think it's really important as an

intern for you to remind people of what

your ultimate goal is so that they can

give you the right tasks to set you up

for success if I know that one person

wants to go into events planning I'm

gonna have them work on events or at

least I'm gonna try to if I know someone

wants to be in PR I'm gonna have them

work on that so I think in this meeting

you're gonna be again the solution

oriented you're gonna have a list of

things that you really want to work on

and you're gonna remind your internship

supervisor of what your ultimate goal is

and if you're a senior and you're

thinking well my ultimate goal is to

work for the company you should say that

you know I would love to work here or

get a job offer after graduation

what are the steps that I can take to

get there and that is a fair question to

ask so those are some things that you

should do if you're really not liking

your internship now let's say you have

that meeting your solution-oriented and

it just doesn't get better that's when I

would sort of enlist the support team

around you I would talk to your Career

Center I would talk to any professors

that have been pivotal in the internship

process talk to your parents talk to the

HR director get advice and just see if

there's anything that you can do maybe

you can switch departments maybe there's

another team member or another boss that

you supervisor that you can switch to


your support team try to really do

everything you can before actually

leaving the internship or disappearing

from the internship we don't like the

disappearing intern right so again be

proactive be solution-oriented and I'm

confident that you can figure out how to

make this situation work and one more

note for you guys just remember you do

an internship to figure out what you

like to do and what you don't like to do

I had several internships where I was

happy with the company I love the people

I hated the work and that's okay because

for my next experience I didn't sign up

for that same type of opportunity so

again you're using these internships to

figure out what you like to do and what

you don't like to do so if you're hating

your internship there is hope and

hopefully my advice helps bye everybody