The Sims Mobile- What happens if you don't complete an event in the time limit? [QUICK TIP]

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in this quick tip I'm gonna show you

what happens if you don't complete an

event on the Sims mobile within the time

limit so I've got two of my sims here

one of them is working on the culinary

career event and the other one is

working on the cooking hobby event now

they both run out of energy and I've

already used the items around the house

to refer the energy instead of using a

cupcake I'm gonna come back the next day

I'm gonna see what happens to those

events they were completing and as you

can see the pink tick is over Hannah's

head so she's still completed the event

even though we weren't on the game she

is still completed it so we can click on

that and collect the reward

and then we can go to Alex or we can see

he's completed it as well so if you run

out of energy and you can't complete an