How to Force Quit Any App on Mac (2018)

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what's up guys this is max square and

welcome back to another quick tutorial

where I show you how to do something

simple in a short amount of time in this

video I'm going to show you how to force

quit an app just in case it crashes it

hangs it's really not responding and you

just have to restart it now currently

I'm using Mac OS 10 point 3 which is

High Sierra but this will work on pretty

much any version of Mac it's one of the

first ways to force quit an app is to go

over to your dock and either click and

hold or you can right click while

holding the old option key and you'll

see that quit changes to force quit and

then you can just force quit it from


the second way is to hold down the alt

command and Escape keys this is going to

bring up a window with all of your

currently open apps and then you can

just select the app that you want and

hit force quit from there this is also

where you can relaunch finder so you can

just go down to that and hit relaunch

and it'll restart the app like that

now if none of those methods work for

some reason or another you can always

open up activity monitor and then go to

the search menu at the top right and

just type in the app you want to delete

select it and then go to this little X

sign at the top left now you can either

quit it or force quit it it's usually

better to just quit but if it's really

not responding you can always force quit

from there so those are three simple

ways to force quit an app on your Mac I

hope that was helpful if so be sure to

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