How To: Close games that won't close [Windows 10] | Harmony

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hey guys Harmonie r coming at you with

another tutorial for most of my fans

most of my subscribers you guys all know

that the steam summer sales up it's in

motion and you know you all know me I

gotta buy my games so I got squat it was

a game that me and my friends were

looking at to get for a while

I'm obviously testing the waters here to

let them know if they should get it or

not it's it's 30 bucks right now usually

it's 40 but this is a tutorial for the

people who buy these games that

sometimes this issue happens and the

issue is let me go to thee I have to I'm

recording this video real time so my

issues right now let's say squad right

here wonderful game I like it very

hardcore very realistic just the way I

like it

but the main issue here is oh it froze