How to FORCE Program close in Windows 10 [HD][Guide][Tutorial] 2017

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hello welcome to no quick tutorial how

to force applications shut in Windows 10

now you probably familiar with this in

previous ones but we're trying to show

you the full extent of how you can

really force applications sometimes when

your original approach doesn't work most

of you if we just bring a keyboard up

are probably gonna press ctrl alt and

delete so this is ctrl alt and delete

you can also use ctrl + alt here as well

and that would bring up a window where

you can select task manager

alternatively you could right-click on

the bottom bar here and go to task

manager either way it's going to bring

you up the same process here and however

you get to task manager so once you're

in task manager generally you probably

click on let's say I wanted to hit force

close the Facebook application you right

click and press Enter now we can do that

we can see that Facebook then goes this

is this method is pretty good for 60 to

70 percent of tasks that you close but

sometimes it isn't answer the

application you're trying to close which

is frozen is another process which is

related to it and so if we want to force

it to close and this is more likely to

work near 95 to 100% of time for

instance if we went on skype we can

right click and go to go to details on

older versions of Windows this would we

go to process and sit for instance we

went to Skype here we can press go to

details and your CEO take us to the

details tab and it will highlight a

application or process here and so if

we've got a different one we've got the

Twitter one for instance and say go to

details it will take us to the Twitter -

Winx 880 XE application now if you want

to force this shut the best way to do it

is to right-click and not press Enter

asked but M process tree the M process

tree actually shuts all of the

applications that are related to Twitter

win8 exe and and is a lot more likely to

force close an application that you are

having problems with and opposed to just

ending tasks which sometimes may just

make it hang further I hope this has

been useful for you and thanks for


if you have any comments please comment

below thank you