How to Close Apps in Mac, MacBook, iMac, Mac mini, Mac Pro

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hey guys on two days we didn't teach you

how to quit or close any apps that are

open on your Mac doesn't really matter

which Mac you guys have anyways let's

get started right here on the top left

hand side of any app you guys should see

this alright so I shouldn't say any app

but you should be any web browser so the

X will close it up however if you guys

don't see that or don't see a way to

actually close that up which also

usually up here you guys should be able

to see quit Safari for example in Safari

I can just hit that and quit it I can

also just hit for example I'm gonna open

up right now that I have this one right

here which is Chrome so it's closed

Chrome for example I can just press on

my keyboard command Q the letter Q that

will quit that app and close it alright

that's the quickest way to close any app

without having to go into menus or

anything like that now let's say your

app isn't responding to that and you

guys have to force quit that app well

there's another way to do that so on the

top left hand side of your screen yes

we'll see the Apple logo let's just go

right into your Apple logo click on it

and you guys will see force quit let's

just choose force quit and you guys

should get this window popping up so

again here I'm gonna see a list of my

programs that are open at the moment so

if I want to quit Photoshop for example

and force quit it I can just go force

quit and force quit so if any of your

apps are stuck not closing not quitting

then this is the way to force them to do

that now let's say you guys can't even

click on your Apple logo because it's so

laggy well don't worry about it again

it's just a simple command right now on

your keyboard let's just press command

option scape and you guys will see this

popping up again once again that's

command option escape and guys should

see this window popping up

just select Firefox for example and hit

force quit to quit that app however I'm

just gonna go to Firefox to show you

so here's Firefox and like I said you do

have this option right here and also up

here you guys should see the name of the

app you guys should be able to click

right there and put quit Firefox for

example or command Q on your keyboard

and that should close that up anyways

those are a couple ways to close apps

right here on your Mac if you guys are

any problems or have any comments

questions you guys can write down on

human comments area don't forget

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