How To End An Affair With Someone You Love | Ending An Affair When It's Hard To Do So

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hello and welcome to happily commit it

today I wanted to talk about how to end

an affair with someone that you love it

can be very tricky very emotional and

difficult to be able to do something

that you perhaps don't necessarily want

to do being the bearer of bad news

hurting someone that you care for is

tremendously difficult and many times

people are afraid of being the bad guy

afraid of hurting this person that

they've had a very passionate intense

relationship with but you know that it's

the right thing to do and you don't know

how to go about ending this affair with

this person that you love the truth of

the matter is that you can't run away

from the hard conversation it's

important for you to do this with

dignity to not just over burden this

person with your decision but at the