How To Quit ANY ADDICTION (The Strategy)

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hi there I want to welcome you to the Tamed course today we're gonna discuss the

general strategy that we're gonna be using over the course of the next few

months so you have an idea of what to expect see a common trend that I notice

among people who try to overcome their addictions is that they somehow get

motivated maybe they watch the video read a forum post or maybe they

overheard someone else quitting and getting tons of benefits whatever it is

they feel like this time is going to be special this time I'm gonna stay clean

for good they have all that motivation but they have no strategy no plan of

what to do other than to stay away from their substance of choice they're

essentially just throwing it against the wall and hoping that it sticks and more

often than not the majority of people fail in fact a study found that only 1

in 10 Americans ever overcome an addiction so it's safe to say that this

plan isn't that effective what I have found is by simply sticking to a

strategy any strategy your chances of success skyrocket that's why groups like

Alcoholics Anonymous are so effective they follow a strict set of rules and

they have a battle plan you need to have the same mindset when it comes to

confronting your own addiction whether it be pornography alcohol smoking video

games social media whatever it is you need to have a strategy and the strategy

that we're gonna be using over the course of the next couple of months is

one that I found to be particularly effective it's a strategy that I teach

to a lot of the people that I coach it's a strategy that works if you can follow