STOP AMWAY! (PART 1 of 200)

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I use the wrong nails but it should be

fine it's upside-down one tonight we'll

see and hear firsthand this character

let's hear the rest of it



today I have no class so today I have to

complete my fall which I never a [ __ ]

I'm so inconsistent in apparently but

first I have to take a shower

let's do this ah


alright there's something I have to

share with you there is this there's

this because I hadn't he's being

happening in Canada which is just you

can't ignore all right it happens with

everybody I'm sick of it I'm done and I

have to address this and there's no way

I'm gonna keep my mouth shut anymore I

have to break silence at this point all

right we're do you know what is my what

do you know about I'm waiting

nothing anway is a 9.5 billion dollar

company have you ever seen on this door

there's no chance so there are basically

two methods of buying my product

one is that you simply go online like

the Amazon kind of method you go online

gone and with website you choose your

product the second and the most

ridiculous method is any person when I

say any me you anyone retail and we ask

for subscription for two hundred and

thirteen dollars and they will ship back

to you a box full of stuff not a big

deal but the problem is that you can now

actually legally sell those products to

here's the big part though and this is

the part which is particularly give me

nightmares this is the most freakish

part if you really want to get paid by M

way it is by making other people

subscribe gram way boom so you have to

extend your social circle make sense you

have to actually reach out to strangers

and it's that and it's that it's that

that is so annoying that is so and just

simply say no right what's the big deal

come on repeat you do you - Rudy I am

NOT I've interviewed my friends just

take a look what they have to say so

basically how long did you work for

like convincing people and that was

really moving through many of them I

guess now you can get the hell out of

here shut up I'm just kidding look at

this particular one she's a very good

friend of mine but a lot of her friends

are at actually works in Amway so I

decided to blur her face what these guys

actually do person the can do you they

say that what you are selling is a

[ __ ] and what we do is right you're

basically going outside and saying hey

girl look you look you have so much acne

we look so much better if you wouldn't

have that and that's why just you know

what sign up for am way and I'll give

you the products you know Yannick

magician I mean like you know I have to

beg people to my team of experts have

researched on this topic and I will give

you the skills to determine which among

a group of people is a normal human

being and which one is an my agent and I

miss bloom chakra okay every exam yeah

battle oh that's good so rather the bad

the first thing you're gonna notice is

that they are overdressed they are

dressed like they have some kind of

fashion we going on are they going

straight to some Indian marriage I am

Indian f-o inion you know like I'm going

to do oh yeah okay which part from you a

job absolutely oh damn I would like to

visit there once again obviously it was

like in January second thing you're

gonna notice starting up with a random

conversation which feels so forced at

times just be smart enough to tell that

come on man

I'm not an idiot you're just trying to

start our conversation with and don't be

[ __ ] if someone is trying to make

friends be friends but sometimes it's

just so forced and if that is the case

and the person is very cheap but formal

clothes on a random day boom

90% chances he's an Amber agent so

you're working right now you're someone

uh yeah I work at a factory actually oh

okay I'll factory yeah come on man come

on that factory man come on do some kind

of latent professional jobs are there

third hint if the person slowly and

slowly gives hints starts a conversation

about your work basically provoking you

to eventually ask man where do you work

you bring such good patrols you look

rich where do you actually work what am

i doing it not like so then they finally

can reveal their business people all


it worked round me they make a lot of

money you should do that - holy crap oh

okay anyways being engineering jobs yeah

yeah man there's a lot of competition no

it doesn't actually

I personally believe that if there is no

competition at all you can give you 100%

you can't give your maximum there's just

one thing that you can do to make

absolutely sure that if he's on the

agent or if he's and that my friend is

big no rents anyone who is egoistic who

have some kind of self-respect well he

will either make it clear or he will

leave the conversation as soon as

possible but it's only the Amway people

that they'll still continue with the

conversation no matter what just be a

little little rude okay and if he still

continues man there's no chance if he's

not an Amway agent he is 100 percent

innovating and is 100 percent time for

you to find a safe place to go because

he's going to destroy you holy crap

confidence my friend confidence is the

that particular person is trying to

convince you how horrible your life is

what you have to do is just say the

complete opposite of that just convince

him that it's actually your life that is

miserable and our life is actually

[ __ ] fantastic we are living a

fantastic life we are living at like a

Justin Bieber level what okay

duh but wait a second what if you are

made for Amway

first of all if your student I don't

recommend this holy crap

but if you see understand what I do as

well what can we actually do I have a

friend who actually works for Amboy

isn't that really making that bad from

this business and here's everything you

finally need to know about em way

through a person that currently works at

Amway so there is no better source of

information just take a look there

anyhow I got a salesperson businessmen

agents what do you want we call such as

business owners it's very fancy

yeah I just feel like you're painting

you circus desperate to bring people

into their network why is someone just

about you like getting people into your

business straight at that particular

point join and we do this do that

I help to make money why please be

little bit general and understanding

don't torture people and he will give

you a hundred percent discount yeah this

is not a scam you will legitimately get

the entire product for free pretty

bronze this is not a scam but this thing

was and that is pretty much everything

you need to know about Amway that is

pretty much everything you should know

what I mean that is pretty much that's

pretty much it let's get back right into

the daily okay back to the schedule I

have a class starting in like one out

one hour one hour but before going to

that class after Dollarama

after go to Dollarama that's really

important and i'll tell you why but have

you noticed something just take a look

at this and i'm gonna wear these today I

bought these like day before yesterday

or something like last week instant

favorite so this is my skateboard it's a

pretty good skate where I got it for $90

and for a skateboard that expensive I

don't expect this to happen

look at this me the wheels are not

moving holy crap how good is a

skateboard if the wheels are not moving

just finish my class just got a call

from a friend of mine told me that have

work today I actually have worked in one

hour and that's a six hour shift I

didn't sleep last night and then I have

to go to work again

alright this is the reason why I don't

walk so much because there is no time I

thought I had time today but I don't

have time I was planning to spend those

six hours to edit this particular video

but I don't have time they have class

tomorrow morning as well so I thought I

can't I cannot I'm a student holy crap

I really want to be consistent with

these vlogs but I'm not able to I

seriously don't know when I'm going to

edit this vlog so I want to tell you

that today is Tuesday September 13th

let's see when is this vlog going to be

uploaded it'll be very interesting to

see because I don't know when I'm going

to have a spare time of like 4 or 5

hours to edit this vlog sorry about that

I will be consistent in future though

I'll be totally into YouTube I promise

see you have 4 to 3 years I'm just

kidding I'm not going anywhere just a

consistency that gets hurt the

consistency as will always be around was

the consistency okay bye

I don't have really see you later I'm so