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so we back at it again you filming this

is part four you know I'm saying so if

you haven't seen the rest of our videos

on our channel this is basically about

how we got scammed we lost over 20k well

probably well over 20k we lost over

$20,000 doing with an MLM call worldwide

group and an out and also Amway as well

and we have a series of videos of how we

got into the business how we lost our

money and this is basically a par four

of how to walk away from the business

like it's been a long time coming we own

our supporters gave us an Amazon gift

card and we were able to basically get

our quality up so you bet you'll see

some more stuff coming to you guys and

we got six important major crucial steps

to just walk away from the business

um these things are very very important

and they're very very key to your just

success in your life and just walking

away there's like a sense of trauma when

it comes up leaving a certain group of

people and not being around them anymore

mm-hmm so we're gonna talk about a lot

of that we're gonna talk a lot about

just identifying red flags and and and

knowing where to just when does they win

walk out the party so OH

most importantly thank you thank you to

our subscribers roses just like it blows

my mind like I really look on my how

much people just I really like them they

met someone else they they love us y'all

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comments like you guys been going crazy

I appreciate it so much and we love

writing back to you guys we love just

being able to give you guys advice from

our own experience and it means

everything to us actually throughout the

video we're gonna show you guys a series

of messages that we got from people

talking about asking us how to get out

of the business asking us how to walk

away asking us you know this this is

what's going on with me can you help me

and we've like like definitely haven't

wanted to and we have we've been talking

to people and they we've been telling

them like how to walk away and that's

kind of why we're making this video is

because we want to kind of give you guys

a generalized addition of kind of what

it's like is that and we want to talk to

you guys individually and stuff but like

this is just gonna be the video that we

refer people to from now on when it

comes to walking away along with other

customized things cuz we do won't want

to help you guys individually and feel

free to always contact us like keep it

coming we're excited and we love it it's

right and to the haters you you you you

down keyboard

now you have a profile pic actually one

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his channel you got no content know

subscriber like like the reason why

every hater or every jerk that comes to

our channel like trolling there's a

reason why none of you guys like have

anything to back it up and it's because

like you have no content no pictures you

guys have no receipts

no nothing to back up like the crap that

you're saying so if anybody can back up

what they say about finances or what

they say about any way if anybody can

back it up send it our way but chances

aren't gonna be well like none of the

heaters so keep watching thanks for the

views and comments and I don't know like

what y'all like pink like I don't know

what y'all thought we just got in the

business sat the line and just was

complacent like sat on our thumbs and

just like you know trained like we're

nothing to do that bro like the I know

that like our applies are all like we're

giving you the vehicle just pedal to

success like the acting like we just sat

on our thumbs and just sat there

thank imagine how stank that bike scene

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story when we were going to this event

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spring leadership a regional rally or

some big rally and light a foot long by

subway and almost [ __ ] myself funniest

story okay like I was like so I got I

got I got the juice I got the juice I

got what you need

so I got these six major key steps so um

basically just to keep in mind if you're

still in this business you're still

complacent I don't know you one through

D and whoop it up you play hopscotch at

this point I'm this is gonna help you so

step one boom research at this point you

found the video you started your

research you know we're not the only

bits of research we want you guys to do

check out the device video if you really

want some details about really why you

shouldn't even mess with the business in

the first place

you know the device video for us is

really just trying to get the the

numbers behind things out to you guys

we're trying to get all the research we

found put it into one video and just

give it to you guys when it comes to the

analytics but this is like so important

that you guys watch that video but

anyways yeah go ahead and make sure

y'all go watch those at about so like I

said step one research you already came

here you already were kind of thinking

to yourself like that is work does it

not work

you're already researching yeah so

that's that's a good step because you're

following your gut that comes first it's

something that they tell you to do as

well so to actually take that advice

from them it's all research not assumed

arts researching you need to research

what are the odds what are the odds of

youth you serve you ma'am you bro you do

that games and what are the odds of you

getting on that stage what are the odds

of you rolling in that car you imagine

all that stuff to do all the dreams and

all the [ __ ] that they sell you what

are the odds are you get in there you

know you to be a one percenter for a

reason because most of them were born

being one percenters most of the people

that you see on the stage that are the

riches are either connected by family

connected by being best friends in the

relationship being nieces being and

another thing too is a lot of these rich

people that you see because of amway

it's not because of amway they had a

foot up in life like they had a step

ahead and like already being born into a

one-percenter family right so if you

have super rich parents if you have

super powerful parents like yes this

business might be for you because you

could easily take advantage of thousands

of people it convinced them to follow

you in every single walk of your life

that you do and that comes from being

born with that power so if you think

that you're gonna be that one percenter

that they tell you to be it's an

impossible task and i'm sorry i'm sorry

they won't believe that you coming

imagine that if you were born into that

like it's kind of get Majan if your

father was Ozzy Osbourne or a famous

rock star it's easy for you to know I'm

saying push a line and you

some fans are you I thought you want to

be rock star - you're gonna be fans

because of who your daddy is bro yeah

versus some Joe Schmoe who just [ __ ]

with this guitar in the [ __ ] garage

okay that was born with rapport born

with power and born with money for you

that's basically what's going on if you

haven't realized that yet so so do your

research you've realized that in the

business they tell us about you want to

be a two percent IRR you're already in

this room so you're almost a two percent

IRR like the person who got you in that

room is gonna make sure that you don't o

outdo them I'm just telling you that

right now so so when we're saying like

get to know the numbers do your research

just like just be intuitive take these

research materials that we're trying to

give you guys and take this for an

example I just want to add one example

and really quick so I got a message from

somebody today who told me that somebody

they knew was in the business for 10

years and they are Luke still losing

money they're still haven't made a penny

in like yeah so like other than rebates

like you're not the guys not really

making a penny and it's just like he

freakin lost his relationship because of

the screwed his wife over for 10 years

doing that stuff and it's just like it's

just messed up we want you guys to take

these numbers and really run with them

because like just that story spoke to me

so much by that person telling me that

it's just like youth the numbers the

numbers mean a lot and if you think and

I like and here's the only thing that

was holding him the hope that he was

going to hit it rich like any of these

days now and it's not going to just

motivate people with large burns just

anyways so the next the next thing is

under the step one category is the

profit you know I'm saying doctor that's

a word that none of these MLM even

really be throwing out where's the

profit coming from how much profit are

you making you you sir you do you girl

you boy man woman like whoever you are

are you making profit beyond yourself

bro we really just saw bro and like in a

lot of people under

and that they're not gonna get a lot of

profit at first and they like to argue

they're like oh you were only messing

with the business for a year and a half

and that's not enough to really

understand trust me if I can drop twenty

thousand dollars and still not stay in

debt are still not getting in debt

whatsoever but if I can drop 20 bucks

and like still not make any success off

a business like that's where I draw the

line and if you say I didn't try hard


like go ahead like clear your bank

account Oh freaking in today but it's in

for us it's just like we are taking the

numbers we take them into consideration

and it's just like we use a supporting

detail pay attention to the gas that

you're spinning to get around here are

you paying for babysitters I know you

probably already making orders every

month I know you are already you already

uh just saw the whole bunch of stuff bro

ask yourself is your naturally an

investment to the into this whole

business and you need to actress up am I

getting anything back but do you okay

okay you're sorry you may have it's more

three down lines or whatever but you're

still losing money you lose the money

meeting up with this person me know this

person mean that when you give this

business there they're actually

qualifying you to be actually a

psychologist actually and and also a

babysitter because now you have to

babysit all these people now now you

have to run over here

this person's off the problem I gotta

run over here I gotta run over here run

over there like their quality they're

signing up for [ __ ] did you really

didn't ask for so another thing is um

how much have you spent you know I'm

saying like I said kind of like the

other thing car another thing I just

said how much money have you spent look

at your bank statements bro like don't

just look okay imagine how much you spit

really go look bro we taking a [ __ ] on

the toilet will you work it on the

street when you owe your girl driving

you see the positive seat or vice versa

or whatever just look Alfaro or get the

app or just walk in the bank and this

around street from your job you lunch

just go in there make some time to just

see how much money you've been spinning

bro even if you bought by an occasional

something to eat every time you go to a

meeting or you spend gas and he spent 30

minutes drive from all with me

add that [ __ ] up bro who's giving it

back to you who's funding this you are

and I'm the lot of y'all don't have it

like that brother no no let's keep it

real a lot of y'all don't have it like

that everybody's not rich you feel me

so like I said calculate how much money

you're putting into this business even

before you even got one downline how

much money have you been throwing at

this business because they're gonna

dangle over your head oh you're gonna

get a bonus check it up bro that bonus

check is cut that [ __ ] in half soon as

you get it kind of kid that shouldn't

have because you'd already spit like all

this money even trying to get that

[ __ ] check like bro and then when you

get that check you gonna spin on the bed

of some more so this shit's hard my man

but shit's hard to count it for bro so

step to admit you're brainwashed

admit you're brainwashed you feel me

stop being in denial and and if you are

and if you are admitting that you're

brainwashed it's cool

you don't sad but just know you're

watching this video and you know now you

know better now don't be in denial of

your fitness your gut feelings when

you're sending those meetings you want

to get the [ __ ] up use the bathroom you

wanted to stretch your value you know

that all that [ __ ] just ding to

yourself like when they say like little

funny weird [ __ ] that just rub you the

wrong way or just racist [ __ ] or they

may say some weird [ __ ] that just rub

you the wrong way in a business or you

may be don't be afraid to confront that

situation you may be Muslim you may be

um whatever you may be um you know say

what are the races on what I mean

religions are there out there like you

may be a Bootes

maybe whatever and there's time oh oh

they're just jumps in don't let them

just like don't let [ __ ] fly over your

head and be like it's okay because the

Maya boys are angels like no bro keep in

mind like my daddy saying know who you

[ __ ] with you don't know these people

bro you don't know you may know him from

a few months ago or I know him for fired

yes you've been they be dragging along

five years you don't know these people

but they may be talking about your ass

bro they may be like how me are you lay

down you don't say laying down a bed

talking about [ __ ] like baby talk about

your ass my bed Joe Joseph the [ __ ]

idiot because he he's the strongest

[ __ ] idiot we have another business

but you may never know bro like you may

be the strongest dummy they have in the

army bro so and that goes that goes to

be bringing all the cult aspect bro

there there so there was just a lot of

like colty type [ __ ] going on they want

you to conform they want you to confine

them they want you to tell them

everything it's almost like it's almost

like we've watched a lot of different we

watched a lot of different cult type

documentaries and what we found out is

that a lot of cults they get your money

they get you to move they get you to

move away or they get your they spend

your time away from your family and all

this [ __ ] basically they're trying

to break you up they're trying to keep

you from getting the outside perspective


so that's totally this total coat like

it's a cold bro it's a cold bro I don't

give a [ __ ] it's connected to we got we

met we [ __ ] men of a worldwide we

start [ __ ] Amway anyways was [ __ ]

us over it was like worldwide butter or

cheats in them and wages just made a

movie on our ass but like for real so

I'm gonna say it's a coke bro it's all

the coke bro when we was in the [ __ ]

big ass rallies cuz a worldwide would

youwould you see all of a nebbish my bro

em where's the gasoline big-ass noises

up bro so it's a cold bro if it's it's

cut it's a code it all and you know what

they got didn't like it's some demonic

[ __ ] tied into this [ __ ] there's some

demonic [ __ ] like we're gonna talk about

all this [ __ ] bro like man but uh

alright so another different category

other than thing to talk about up under

the to category is inspirational and

motivational material that's how to get

your money that's basically what they

want you to do they want you to listen

to audios all day long they want you to

brush your teeth to learn audio

they want you to ride down the street to

an audio they want you to read your

books they want you to buy all these

materials we actually had to have it was

called Premium Membership and we and now

is how we had access it's actually to

the audios and basically if they

couldn't hear us talking like we

listened to the audio like saying

different slang and different stuff in

the audios that David they basically no

he's not watching them and he's not

being cor he's not sticking to the plan

and this amendment there's you know I'm

gonna kind of talk about why that's like

cool oriented because first of all

there's like the control aspect where

like they hold certain standards for you

like being Christian being like not

sinning being completely core which like

if you don't know what that is

definitely go watch part one find out

because there's so much to it but all

these things are to hold you accountable

and make sure that you're busy all day

so that you don't have like an idle mind

to want to quit or want to do anything

else so one of the reasons why we think

that that's I guess like a cult

mechanism or like some you know I'm

saying like it because it's for their

financial benefit they do things that

are like like I said completely

controlling and they tie in like

religion into that like when they tie in

that Christian stuff on basically what

they do is they make sure that you're

like telling the complete truth at all

times they talk about being transparent

they talk about and being transparent is

telling 100% truth all the time about

your whole entire life and it's really a

control mechanism it makes sure that

like you're only listening to Christian

music you're not listening to like dirty

music I guess and that you're just like

I said being totally cool all the time

doing sure that you're doing all the

steps and it's just like like you said

and make sure that you don't have like

idle time to think about other [ __ ] yeah

like especially your own personal like

dreams and accomplishments like I'll

give you an example

I sent a que upline to jordan Freelander

before and i and one of my true passions

is to start a nonprofit organization for

foster youth so I asked him I was like

hey Jordan um the advice I'm like how I

could try to keep that into my goals and

plans and this is what he said he said

be core just be really really core be

core first become a platinum do all

these things like recruit all these

people and then then maybe even try to

put some money into something else but

the only way that you can accomplish

your dreams is if you let go platinum

first so that you can have the money in

the time and just the things just

weren't lining up for me it just was too

way way too much but my and lastly in a

two category there's no mama no what you

doing look be real did you tell your mom

what you're doing I remember I was in

his business I didn't tell my mom I was

just like I wouldn't tell my mom about

this [ __ ] like I was embarrassed and

even now I'm embarrassed I'm embarrassed

I lost all this money and I believe

these [ __ ] people and you know

they're like so be real - so you [ __ ]

keyboard warriors again you [ __ ]

fascist click before popping the top

magnet down like bro be real truss up

I'm like do you tell your mom about this

is your mama in this is your daddy in

this is your brother sister I thought if

this is so good you should be raking in

like crabs in a bucket well you should

be like if the [ __ ] is that [ __ ] is good

you should be telling everybody about it

even till this day my mom doesn't even

know bro I'm afraid to tell my mom bro

I'm afraid that for one I'm afraid she

gonna come with that damn shoe over my

damn head that's what I'm afraid of

because she'll but boy you coulda gave

me $20 back like like so dishes this

does the person that raised you or the

person that you think highly over your


your pairing or whoever your

grandparents the person that you just


and I realize like you know today though

you do is because they will part they're

probably not talk about ten they're

older and they've been around they've

been around the mills and they've been

around a block and they know about this

em elusive it's like I said we believe

as we go we didn't know all right we're

all impressionable and stuff so we move

along to the three three category boom

analogs your situation in the business

whatever city state you in whatever the

name whatever name your business is it

could be ABC Eng you don't matter what

is call analyze your situation look

around your business when you send

enough means look at your upline analyze

your business who's above who who's

married to who and and basically what

I'm saying is are you growing are you

growing is your income growing be real

with yourself whose income is really

growing out of this is the person who's

always talking their income growing and

everybody else the broker spun might be

real how are you living bro like that's

another thing in the in the end of in

this category how are you living right

like are you arguing with your spouse

every day are you guys like considering

actually breaking up like I know these

are kind of more customized questions

for us to ask ourselves but like still

look at yourself in the mirror like do

it am i seeing my kid on a regular basis

there's my kid talking to me like just

ask yourself these questions about your

situation and what's going on around you

like am i losing money every day

it might get constantly getting stranded

places because I don't have gas money

like and think about the things that

really matter that the business tells

you to forget about sometimes you have

to channel like your old self like when

you're in these situations with the

business we use dropped a question like

what's going on just channel your child

self like they tell you to do a

challenge shadow self and ask yourself

is this what I would want to be doing

like is this what I thought I was going

to be doing in my twenties and thirties

forties fifties like see like are you

are you hungry

Thursday got your [ __ ] money tied up

in this [ __ ] on your ribs showing like a

damn great out dog like we had our money

tied up in this [ __ ] like Weezy [ __ ]

chewing like beavers on the [ __ ]

nasty-ass bars bro

are you hungry bro are you you ain't

been buying groceries brothers you got

some money tied up in this

I'd be real bro how are you living when

you sitting in those meetings you're

looking at your up lies speak to himself

who's making the most money who's making

the most money out of out of just every

[ __ ] in the house cuz you're

not meeting up in the [ __ ] nice the

Hilton Hollywood [ __ ] give me know

somebody's crib so when you look around

the living room who's making the most

money it's the mother [ __ ] talking bro

be real bro digger seven billion I don't

make money to be here okay [ __ ]

you don't play the word game you know

we're not paying you at the [ __ ]

dough bro

but each body represents money bro could

be pumping blood into this [ __ ]

[ __ ] body of a business problem yeah

and you're supporting the Devizes so

yeah that's it for that category so the

fourth would question your outlines bro

question your uplines income like I'm

gonna be real with y'all and y'all be

being real with me

these people will be setting up budgets

which are these people know your

business these people know your social

security number

these people know where I ain't work

these people know all your [ __ ]

business so they tell you to be

transparent these people know you're

fine let's deep know you Hey so they

could think they know how much you

finally have your bank account so they

could just hire just at a very weak okay

Jimmy gets another 800 this week Brian

is another hey they got your [ __ ] all up

in a iphone bro

so so think about it think about it

don't be afraid to ask them about their

personal business if you want it to be

proven to you if you want to see the

checks that they got if you want to see

the receipt for the car that they claim

to a bar in cash if you want to see if

they cling to on our house ask them to

see the deed like don't be afraid to

question them cuz they are not afraid to

question you how do you think I got

wrapped into this shape right she's so

right about that and if I'm a real dude

I'm a real I'm a real black guy if I'm

up I could be like question me about my

this is my art I paid for this is my

name yo say this is my house is the deed

this is my name

I'm proud because I'm because I have

because like everything I get I gotta

get it out the mud and if you're real


you know how it is bro you know how it

is to get off your ass and go really get

that [ __ ] fro so like I said question

your up lines bro and okay some may or

may not be built like me cuz I'm a

confrontational person I'll pull up on

your axis and [ __ ] about really want

enough some of y'all may be built

different I'm not gonna call ya'll song

but y'all me but we did be built

differently but some of y'all is more

Whittier so you can figure out a witty

way to know what you want to know do

that [ __ ] be like oh my grandmother's

gonna passed away and um I wanted to

know what your deed looks like cuz she

wants to give me her deed or rule to her

house and cuz he's puffing together they

be buying houses let's see if you really

own the [ __ ] round let's see

that's the one thing that nobody wants

to give us is proof like people all the

trolls in the comments they don't want

to know what I'm not asking you in a

proof now one of the up lines has given

us proof like of certain things like

that we really want to know like true

incomes and like Matt when like if you

guys know that is a lot of you in

Portland do you know he claimed to be an

owner of a nightclub and it's like later

I found out from multiple sources and

I'm not gonna say what they are because

I don't know if they're fully credible

but I've seen it for multiple websites

and from people that he was never the

owner he was not the owner he used was

the manager and he got that he moved up

from being a janitor he lied to us yeah

I was sold on the guy when I heard he

was like a nightclub owner and stuff

like he used that to capitalize off cuz

this place is closed down so you can't

call them and ask hey was Matt when the

owner the place got shut down so it's

like that he basically like erased his

tracks and it's just like nobody's gonna

call him out on it but it's like if you

can prove me wrong please do in the

comments give me a source that says he

was a club owner give me proof because

like I want to be proven wrong I

want to believe that this guy didn't

freakin lie to me and thousands people

in our faces he did he was an owner his

name not mystery then you want to say

explain he said all the clubs that he

said he was owner of or some [ __ ]

like bro you mean atomic and then he

said he helped open like the thirsty

line and all this with the [ __ ] like you

he had yet to have shown any proof he

acted like he was making like a honey ka

year just because he made some

subscriber base for off of myspace to

get people to come party at these some

like bro okay they they would have just

picked your brain and just did that only

own it wasn't gave you a hundred K just

to do some Shokan but another really

another important question that you need

to be asking your upline is this a

multi-level marketing business what they

say to that like how they reply is going

to shape the way you really view them

because why is it that Bob Coomer is

saying like oh yeah this is an MLM why

is it that Brad Duncan is saying oh yeah

this is a very special MLM he they're

admitting like if you really listen to

like the audios issue of like the older

diamonds like the old cats like the

people who are like 60 years old

suddenly like the people who are really

have the money the freaking ancient

people if you listen to their audios

they will say how this is an MLM always

has been always will be

yeah but all of the millennial

representatives of Amway will preach

about how this is not a MLM and I'm

gonna tell you you guys please if

anybody knows who Jordan Friedlander is

please listen out for this at a meeting

which are tell me in the comments if

you've ever heard him say this I'm gonna

tell you something really quick Jordan

for the Freelander he would always

misrepresent to business in this way he

would say these exact words this is a

quote and say this ain't no rinky-dink

MLM pyramid scheme he would say that now

what that did to me was misrepresent the

business as if he was saying like this

is not an MLM

but no he was saying this is not a

rinky-dink MLM but went but with him

saying it's not a rinky-dink MLM or

thinking it's not our MLM at all

it's an MLM but they're using the word

game to try to skew your vision of what

this really is and I I didn't know this

was a MLM until I left but are you

kidding how stupid could I be

like but I just want you to know like we

were blinded by so many things

especially like the money and the fame

and I like them to faint but like the

fortune and like like being able to tell

our stories and all these stuff like we

wanted it so bad and like I guess that's

why we're fighting for it now because

like we're gonna do it in our way it

motivated us relies basically and

there's two more things in this category

before we move on departments to number

five but yeah well do one more thing was

was on biggest act like they were always

buying their cat did cars cash and I was

bushes so like the guys shoot on Monday

Jordan he had just bought him a new

Dodge or whatever Challenger or some

[ __ ] but he just bought a brand new


I'm looking at the front of the car to

paint chipped on it but like it was used

about legacy his car Nate I wrong buy

used cars but the car look used bro so

it goes to show their car they're buying

new cars fresh off the [ __ ] lot and

all this [ __ ] I will you ride with

your upline look how many miles on the

car don't just set the front seat just

look let me say demonic tree honey

and then we'll [ __ ] like I got a

brand new road ain't no brand new car

bro don't know if it's been used yet

like so just yeah if you're not if

you're not confrontational person you

want just accent straight up you sneaky

ways to know what you want to know


don't the last thing is act like why do

they accent why do they still work

like why do they still work and do the

business like it like it was this one

kind of business he act like he put away

80k I just got a voice check I just put

away the cake if you put away 80k in his

business and it's really working for you

how would [ __ ] quit my job and I will

go full-time in the business if I'm him

saying it might if my [ __ ] side

business is paying me more than my

[ __ ] job some people don't make that

in a [ __ ] year so if you're putting

away 80k [ __ ] you job I'm balling this

[ __ ] up like a [ __ ]

dishrag and I'm throwing it behind my

damn shoulder like I don't want to work

well if I'm a bumpin off for the gate

gate every so often like so I call

[ __ ] I smell yeah five and this is

the most important one par five baby

discrimination are you being

discriminated against don't be in denial

are you being discriminated here and if

you are wake the [ __ ] up look this is a

movie this is like the movie get out

like things just keep happening and

happening and happening hey thanks keep

happening and you need to rest see that

for what it is and stop rushing under

the rug like I've heard so many people

of color so many people of color being

the telling me that they relate to my

story and then it gave him the courage

to like walk away and stuff like that

because the weird racial just like vibes

every life even this guy was hitting me

up today on freakin Facebook saying that

he realized he's white but he realized

there's everybody in the room was like

basically why and it was that only like

to like people of color and it was so

weird to him and like I relate to that

on such a deep level like how many of

you freaking and brown people sit in a

room like that and like just brush it

under the rug like because it's just

like I'm tired of brush I'm gonna for my

life for it it's like where I work at I

was like guys like stop taking the jobs

stop letting them say what they want to

say to you stop letting that make you

feel uncomfortable about anything your

sexual orientation erase your religion

if they're shooting jobs that you are of

Europe and be feeling uncomfortable in

any aspect even at a job place even in

your family if anybody is trying to tell

you tear you down for like who you are

especially a business opportunity you

better freaking put that in your past

and walk away and have more dignity for

yourself because we're small for shame

one of the things we're most ashamed of

is letting like one of the things I'm

telling you I can hardly sleep at night

sometimes like I am so ashamed that I

stood there and let Nathan like art

who's supposed to be our upline he's our

personal coach and mentor I hey I stood

there and let him say like I make a

kool-aid and fried chicken joke - you

[ __ ] drink

like it was like some family guys [ __ ]

like that is not cool small venues like

is a shame in like I don't want to

prevent you guys from letting like

having that emotional trauma because

still to this day like i i i i just

can't i can't with it like so like i

said if they [ __ ] with you because

you're gay you're lesbian trans whatever


what whatever you is and they may make

you they single you out or discriminate

you or if nobody say nothing but

everybody's just treating you a certain

way bro peep that [ __ ] walk away from

everyone talking about you behind your

back like nine times out of ten they

just want your money any [ __ ] way and

I want to say another thing to you guys

to thank you so much once again I just

have to shout you guys out for sending

us your stories about how you walked

away and how we give you praise and

stuff just thank you so much that means

the world to us because like I'm

starting to learn how smart all of you

guys really are like you guys are so

intelligent not only are you are you

guys putting us up on game you're

sending us links you're sending us

sources you're you're telling us your

story and it means everything and I just

want to say one thing like you guys so

many of you walked away after like a

couple weeks a couple of months of like

even less than a year and like and also

there's people who who have contacted us

and told us that they walked away

right right right before they got almost

got sponsored and like we've been the

our video has been the reason why

certain people have actually walked away

and I just want to let you know that you

are so much smarter than us like you

guys are so best reaching yourself

firing you guys inspire me so much to

just follow my gut and like I'm proud of

all you people like and just thank you

we love y'all so much bro like we talk

about so a lot know you guys mean

everything to us were just commenting

back and forth with you guys all day

long so ok last thing in the

discrimination discriminatory you know

saying turn ya realm is the relationship

yeah I'm saying are they single enough

to our relationship throughout all the

couples in the in the in the business

are they trying to get y'all to split or

are they like advocating on not too late

again and not to be together are it's

easy is the girl pull you pulling you

aside of your life do you really want to


you know zit or vice versa there's a

dude being like oh look at her ass or

like it's like you know say it's some

weird [ __ ] going on bro it's some weird

[ __ ] going on because if the where [ __ ]

is going on that's not Christian like

that's not business like I want to start

off by saying where I screwed up cuz

like I have to be real with you guys

there was so many times where I was just

like I'm done with Newsday because like

I'm so I was so brainwashed that I was

just like this thing is gonna give me

the life that he can't this thing is

gonna give me a life that like I can't

give him like I have to use this

business to frickin get away from Z and

the business was trying to make like the

the people that was our uplines

they were preaching my message of just

like being independent and don't don't

allow yourself to argue with somebody

even though like arguing is a super

substantial part of a relationship like

my up lines were encouraging me to just

break up because it's just like it for

them they felt like well it's not my

relationship so it's not worth it to go

through these arguments it's not worth

it to go through the milestone it's not

worth it just try to hold your family

together and I just want you guys like

to really think about if you have broken

up with somebody over this business you

made the wrong choice and I'm telling

you that straight up like wrong decision

this business is never gonna mean more

to you than the person that you left me

and like in what type of person are you

really that you just want to be rich

without them are you kidding like you're

broke with them and then you want to be

rich alone or like what the heck is

wrong with you like especially if you

guys have a kid together I'm just saying

like for all the couples I broke up over

this business I'm sorry for you right it

really was the root of all evil like you

know money all this stuff but I just

want you to know like money case you're

still with that person or if there's

anything you can do to be with that

person hold that person so tight we'll

just let that person know like you mean

more to me than like all the money of

the world like because at the end of the

day if even if you did blow up in this

business you don't want to be rich of oh

my that's so stupid like hold your

family tight because there will be evil

people that tried to tear you guys apart

just to see you on a bad one and like an

all walks of life that's happened to us

people have tried to tear us apart but

like and this I have never ever been so

influenced to freaking break up and like

I'm ashamed I'm sad I

never wanted to break up like when I

really thought about I didn't want to

break up but it's just like if you're

being told like oh you need to you need

to it's like it happened so many times

but like I'm just saying you guys like

these be stronger than that and have

more humility care about that person

that you're with and help them through

it because me and say we fought before

the business we fought during the

business we fought after we fought my

way to our uplines house to go like have

a meeting about us arguing no hands

actually like we really was it was like

that bad that we like I initiated it was

just like so bad but it was the aura it

was a whole judgment and you know what

they told us at the meeting like when we

actually showed up we were going through

and emotionally

we're being transparent for you guys

when watching us to know the real depth

of what happened but like when we showed

up they basically told us like do you

guys even want to even be together you I

should just break up and they were just

like say you need to move out of her

house you need to go into a shelter and

go to church and figure it out and

they're just like melody you need to get

counseling you need to figure out your

own stuff pay your own brown worry about

your own stuff and basically just like

keep seven and works something out was

that weekend's like that was their

solution like a little break up a family

look though as we going to day house you

know so we go to day house these

[ __ ] is arguing about because

the the Nathan and his wife Larissa

they were like coaching us or whatever

we came over there this mother [ __ ] have

snippets because it was around this time

of year he was like he's no character

it's never she was like do you get


these look like I'm arguing about his

nose [ __ ] dripping I'm like how much

are y'all like okay we immature we

[ __ ] bigger than our you're like had

dogs yeah but y'all taking advice from

our you know [ __ ] Kleenex like what

is this kindergarten bro

he's like yeah I knew lastly and most

importantly is number six

king of the sixes is delete them out of

your life bro

delete them out of your life yes I wanna

say one thing if you guys ask this what

do I do

we get that question everything

what do I do here's my situation what do

I do

first of all thank you for the question

we love to answer you but there's one

thing only one thing that you could do

please and refer to this video if you

have any questions but just ghosts them

do not you don't have to explain you

don't have a grown up easier now you do

have to come up with an excuse you don't

have to it doesn't matter if you knew

this person doesn't matter if it's your

dad your sister your

boyfriend/girlfriend it doesn't matter

just like if it's somebody significant

to you yeah I have that conversation but

if you never knew them from from like a

can of paint just freaking ghost then

that's the mold that's the best thing

you'll possibly do just every side of

your life as fast as you possibly can

you go more in depth just just a lot of

y'all like filling out how to explain

[ __ ] to my foes I'm a grown-ass man I

have a child too so I feel like will my

son play no or why I don't explain

myself I laid out of [ __ ] so delete them

I feel social medias if you have them

blocking numbers delete the [ __ ] out of

it numbers the delete all most business

apps decay

delete - well cancel your membership

Kelsey membership return as much my

products as you possibly can if you have

any of the shipping papers it is

extremely easy to return this stuff and

you can get hundreds of dollars back we

actually got thousands actually

thousands of dollars of the stuff back

if you deal with the my business they

have a policy where in the 180 days if

you like if you purchase some [ __ ]

within 180 days you can get your money

back if it's open good nose lips will

use all purchases you get your money

back if it's been uh if you still have

products and you have an open dumb or

well they wouldn't know probably they

don't care if you open it and anything

wrong but if you loot if you lost the

tracking receipts go on the Emily

website print out the tracking or snowy

email I mean it's in your email but you

can also go on the my website go to like

order history print out all and go and

look at the return policy get print out

the shipping papers get any box in your

house I look if you have any box at all

or if you can even go to the store and

go ask for free boxes like get boxes


step back with the little shipping paper

I'm just telling you guys this because

you can literally get hundreds back

depending on how much you've spent in

the past and like I hope you guys can

use as the tool to get a lot of money

back because we we've literally got like

at least like $1,500

money back right so get your money back

if it's been 180 days if you ain't been

on any days and even making orders

whatever get your money back oh you

bought it

somebody has to hit me up today and told

me dad they tried to get him to go to

this like big enemy that was coming yeah

if you do whatever and do say he didn't

go back down got his money back

get your money back pal get your money

back because you spent so much money in

this business nobody's really giving it

back to you at all so yeah get your

money back and another thing I want to

talk about the brush on this I got some

side notes here um somebody hit me up my

DM was telling me about how this girl Oh

at his job she was attractive is she's

trying to give woo him into the business

watch I'll finish it at work watch out

for that [ __ ] will you girls new female

Tommy in the marsh on my own minutes

watch out for dudes trying to woo y'all

with a little white or they chained or

they whatever they how they do they they

tell me brother you just sprayed air

freshener on piece of [ __ ] winter smell

good think about that so watch out for

this [ __ ] and also most importantly I

should have said this first do a check

on your social security number these

[ __ ] winning God launched you

into the [ __ ] business they could be

[ __ ] frog [ __ ] did you did

you search open your city or state and

see if these [ __ ] are wanted

criminals or their fraud [ __ ] people

you don't know who they are bro

you don't who they are so like I said go

do the [ __ ] background check on your

social security number and make sure

that ain't do no funny [ __ ] check two

months from now two weeks from now six

months from now check a year from now

keep [ __ ] check-in [ __ ] cuz you can't

change his [ __ ] Social Security

numbers not a phone number these

[ __ ] got your information so

when you stopped [ __ ] with them make

sure they don't say you just feel got

the information - so so [ __ ] go wrong

just say you have ideas but you know

these [ __ ] are not no [ __ ]

job and they have your information they

have your

they have your [ __ ] social security

number [ __ ] they have everything bro so

they can be mad at you and [ __ ]

taking take a credit card our name and

your credit and act like you with some

more [ __ ] just be careful with your

information and just stop being so


you know another thing to do guys is we

are so excited about all the people that

have been hitting us up just there I

can't even tell you how many people

there's not even a number that I can put

to it about the number of people who

have hit us up within the week that they

were going to get launched and we've

stopped them so right here we're gonna

show you guys some messages of some

people who asked his for advice we're

gonna show you some success stories feel

free to push pause and read um here's

just a couple of the messages that we've

been getting about what should we do the

here's our situation because we want to

just show you guys that like we're not

just biessing you like we really have

people who are taking the time asking

for our advice just believing in US and

how letting us believe in them and just

speak the truth into them and just like

yeah so here are some of the here's some

of the messages there's people who are

asking us during the week of them about

a get launched they're asking us for

advice what should I do

there's people who told us hey I walked

away and these are our success stories

that we've been hearing and like we're

so excited about it we're we're beyond

happy and proud that we were able to

help people escape this stuff in one

piece and we'll always be there for you

guys always had us up always feel free

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