HOW TO QUIT AMAZON PRIME | Why You Need To Quit + Amazon Alternatives

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hey and welcome back to my channel today

we're going to get

right into the point we're going to talk

about how to quit

amazon prime and why you need to quit

plus also

other amazon alternatives so if you want

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so before we get started i want to shout

out the person that inspired me

to make this video my best friend abby


also this person that i follow instagram

jenn.chavarria i'll link her down below

so first of all why do we need to quit


number one jeff bezos is

very very rich and you know even though

he has all this money

and supposedly he donates them he still

benefits from giving that money away and

he is still getting richer by the day by

the second

his net worth is currently 193.5

billion this is the latest update on

jeff bezos networth

crazy i actually wanted to know about

this like how much does he make per day

how much does he make per

minute per hour so we had a the biggest

single day

increase in july 2020 you heard that

right july 2020


he earned 13 billion alone in one

day so here's what i found how much he

earned that day

542 million per hour 9 million

per minute and 150

463 dollars

per second that single


my my brain can't like fathom right now


so by now you're thinking like wow

that's a lot of money

but what does it have to do with

quitting amazon well here's a little

question for you

would you want to keep giving your money

to one of the richest people in the

planet and having them profit over that

hey it's editor bae here um pardon the

look i'm like

trying to get this done 1 30 in the

morning right before i upload it

um but the question i just asked i just

wanted to go a little bit deeper than


um the reason i didn't want to talk

about it more is just because

it's so complex and basically i just

want to remind you

that right now the rich are getting

richer the poor are getting poorer

and we as americans have this idea of

individualism and

you know it's all about me and as i'm

looking out for myself we have to

realize that

though you are just one singular person

your actions do make a difference

and i just want to remind you that jeff


being the richest man in the world being

worth this much and yet gives so little

and is not just giving back as much as


earns it and that's just something i

want you to think about

actions speak louder than words okay

number two

on why you should quit amazon people who


small businesses and locally owned


are being heavily impacted especially

during this time

because of amazon prime things they are

selling and

the variety of stuff that they have

because honestly it's just

really pretty convenient right if you

learned anything this year i hope

it is to look after each other and take

care of one another and just

realize that people around us are

struggling and suffering with so many

different things

and we need to help each other get

through these hard times

and sometimes that includes taking a

little bit extra

time and figuring out where you're

buying things and

maybe you can buy them secondhand and

or even just buy them locally owned the

third reason

on why you should quit amazon is because

of poor treatment of their workers

i don't know about you but i've heard so

much about how

amazon has treated workers and there's a

bunch of

articles there's a bunch of things by

the workers themselves and how they are

being treated and it's

just not very good sadly and that should

be a red flag

if you buy a product from someone who

isn't treating their workers right

so the fourth reason on why you should

quit amazon prime is because of their

massive growing

carbon footprint what is carbon

footprint if you didn't know

well let me read it out for you it is

the total amount of greenhouse gas

emissions that come from the production

use and end of life of a product or a


um includes carbon dioxide and it's


emitted by humans when you really sit

down think about it think about

how many boxes and shipments are being

sent um every single day every single


every single minute and especially

during this time

a lot of orders have increased during

the pandemic people have been buying a


more and that is just increasing on the

number of

things that amazon depends on like

planes and

ships and things like that to send

billions and billions of items

all around the world so how do you quit

amazon in

steps i got you first ask yourselves

these questions

what is it that keeps me coming back to


what is it that i'm buying frequently do

i really need this

and can i buy a second hand or from a

locally owned

business so i have a feeling that you


the answers to these questions just take

some time to reflect on them

and when you're ready to take the next

step the next step is

cancel your prime membership just do it

click cancel and let go

of that in your life i know it's hard


click the button the third step is to

find alternatives to

amazon and i mentioned earlier that the


i follow on instagram jen made some

graphics for this and i also found

some other alternatives i'm going to

link them

on the description box and feel free to

take a look at them

save them in your camera roll the last

step after you

ask yourself those questions after

you've canceled your membership

after you've found alternatives remember

that we are also trying to be

minimal and minimizing the number of

things that we buy

if you like this give it a thumbs up

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just kind of give them up hey

time to go on amazon you can do it i

know you can

quit amazon today so i'll see you next