How To Cancel Amazon Prime Membership Or Free Trial

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what's up guys and welcome to

applications daily tech tips and an

Amazon Prime membership comes with many

benefits which include free two-day

shipping on many products Prime video

subscription access to free Kindle books

and limited cloud photo storage just to

name a few

and this comes at a cost of $12.99 per

month or $119 for a whole year

now that's what's it for me and for many

other people but if you no longer want

to pay for it or you've come to the end

of your free one month trial period and

you don't want to pay or maybe you just

tripped yourself or just got tricked

into subscribing for this amazon prime

deal then here's how to cancel and avoid

further charges now the first thing you

want to do is go to amazon.com and sign

into your Amazon account now once you're

signed in go to your account page by

clicking on accounts and lists so you

want to click on that unless you take

you to your Amazon account page now on

the account page you'll see everything

that belongs to you account including

your Prime membership so click on that

now from here you'll see everything in

your Amazon Prime account you can see

I'm on the twelve point nine nine per

month plan you can see I'll be charged

on 11th May 20-22 days 29th April so all

you to take note of that so that's about

12 days oh yeah about 12 days from now

then here's the membership area now

click on membership and then click on


membership now in this piece Amazon will

tell you everything you're going to lose

when you cancel your Prime subscription

you lose your Prem really very prime

video play music all that stuff now

right here there are three buttons now

the first option is remind me later and

it says keep my benefits and remind me

three days before my membership renews

now if you can select membership right

now you're going to lose access to all

the prime benefits that you have but you

still won't get your money back so this

option makes you make the most of that

Prime subscription that you already have

and that you've already paid for and so

that it reminds you just three days

or it judges your credit card again it's

going to remind you now to concern your

prime benefits now if you have to

console right now and you don't mind

losing all these benefits immediately

use this button to cancel my benefits

and of course you're going to confirm

after that now I don't want to go

through with that because I don't want

to cancel mine but this is this is a

this is going to cancel now this one is

just to you know keep your benefits just

I put the whole mission of canceling

Amazon Prime so they go so that's how to

cancel Amazon Prime thanks for watching

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until the next one my name is Chris and

I'll talk to you guys soon