I quit amazon delivery driver job!!!!

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what's up guys it's your girl cc brown

and welcome back

to my channel


so as you can tell by the title i will

be telling y'all

why i quit amazon delivery service

partner job

within a week well within four days

but without further ado

let's get right into this video but

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yeah let's get right to this video

i hope y'all don't mad i'm talking to

y'all in my car today because i just

need some different you know backgrounds

in my videos

so yes anyways i had quit amazon

delivery service partner position

so first things first let's get one

thing straight

working for the driver position you do

not work for amazon

you work for a third-party contract so i

work for

plo logistics but we deliver packages to


now let me tell you this i still i work

in the warehouse now i'm staying at the

white house

but however i did quit the driving

position with them

because day is terrible day is terrible

so i'm gonna get into all the reasons

why i quit within one

within like three days within three

three freaking day three days only


yeah only lasted for about a week

so okay first things first the

management the management is


unorganized and it's just terrible and

they try to talk to you any type of way

okay that's plo logistic management it's


now when i was saying you go to

orientation you go to amazon safety

school you know and they teach you how

to drive the truck and they tell you


to do so i did amazon

defense training and stuff like that and

then i did the pl

pll logistics orientation

pll logistics told me the opposite of

what amazon told me to do

like for instance um amazon told me do

not go up on people's driveways

and then p.l.o was just telling me go up

their driveway

plo logistics do not care they do not


they just want you to live in a package

you gotta deliver patches in the rain

and the snow

sleet whatever it's terrible

like you just got to be out there

delivering them back they do not care

don't kill you gotta go to the bathroom

if you late then we'll call you and say

oh what's going on what's going on you

you behind you behind i'm like

it's raining outside i'm not about to

risk myself

for nobody you know what i'm saying

where's my life for this job and the job

wasn't even paying

that much the job had the job passed 15

but they was paid 17 because you know

the corona virus paid stuff like that

but no they really only paid 15. i make

more at the amazon warehouse at night so

why would i

why would i uh stay there why would i

stay driving

you can't use the bathroom matter of

fact it's this video i seen

um this one amazon girl she had to use

the bathroom outside

and they said because she probably felt


that she couldn't even use the she don't

have time to use the bathroom because

they pressured you to get the packages


they don't care about nothing else they

don't care if it's raining they don't

care if you gotta use the bathroom

all they know is that you better deliver

them packages and then they kept on

telling me oh if you can't keep up you

can't keep up you can't um

can't keep up they're gonna file you

they're gonna let you go i'm like i'm

not being about to waste my time at this


i'm not about to waste my time on the

job if i'm gonna get fat anyway if i

can't keep up with delivering

these packages then another thing if

anything goes wrong

like for instance like you got these big


and they telling me to go up the

driveway if you roll over to my grass or

something like that or anything could


you will be i will be responsible for it

so they're gonna take my last check

they will take your check if anything if

you have any accidents

you know if it's the driver fault they

will take your check so you mean to say

you're gonna take my check

and on top of that it's gonna accident

might happen

and it might go on my record you know

what i'm saying i'm like nah

nah i gotta get out of there i got to

get out of there

and then i had a little match you gotta

load your own truck you gotta deliver

the packages and hold your own

load like load your van too then in the

morning time you supposed to do an

inspection of your van

we didn't do no expecting inspection we

don't got time for that we gotta hurry

up now

what you mean i'm gonna expect my man to

make sure everything working

everything good she was like oh just

take a video of it so every single day i

come to work and take a video of my vein

to make sure everything good ain't


no i don't got enough memory on my phone

to keep doing that every day

like so i would just say

it it just wasn't for me like i knew

within that week i had to go

i couldn't do it y'all but if you type

of person that just like you know


you love driving and you like driving

big trucks and you like deliver packages

and you like to be pressured

then maybe it's a job it's for you but

this job is not was not for me

it wasn't for me you know you got to

drive a big truck and then you got

deliver packages

it's not like you know i never drove

nothing that big before so i was just

trying to get used to the driving part

and then you got to think about your

deliveries too

so yeah y'all it definitely wasn't for


and i definitely will not be doing no

other delivery job other than what uber


driving my own car but yeah i

like when i can't do it your girl can't

do it

i'm still at amazon warehouse i'm

staying inside the warehouse where

you don't get rained on and you just

gotta do your job and leave you know

what i'm saying you're not really

pressured that much

but anyways y'all i didn't want to tell

y'all that i had quit

already and i hope y'all enjoyed this


y'all anyways y'all it's your girl c.c

brown and i'm out