Why I Quit (Amazon Flex) 😕

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what is going yeah boy here Jase I

[ __ ] it up let me stop alright guys so

as you guys know I do not have an intro

to my channel because you know um you

know new to the page I am you know

basically I don't know anything about

making intro or outro you know for the

for the videos you know before uploading

them to YouTube so you know I'm new to

this so if anything if you guys know how

to you know make an intro or how I can

make my intro you know any app at the

download to be able to you know make an

intro so that you know my videos won't

be as boring please feel free and

comment down below and you know help out

a guy here you know to see how you know

I could be able to make an intro but as

you can see by the title of this video

this video is going to be about why I


Amazon flex well not exactly why I quit

it but it's more like I just left

Amazon flex for a little bit and the

reason being I got some few couple of

reasons why I'm not doing Amazon flex

right now at the moment alright so let's

start off with the first reason which is

I don't have a car no more now I had

three cars actually I had 2005 Acura RSX

it was a coupe

it was nicely you know modify if you

guys want to see how my car looked like

when I had it I had some few videos in

my page that you guys could also go

ahead and look at I actually posted two

two cars which was the same one was I

had two Acura RSX one was grey and the

other one was silver I have both videos

of them on my page you guys who want to

go ahead and look at my car real quick

that would you guys to go ahead and do

that now okay so first reason is

I don't have a car no more okay the

reason being is because the first

quarter had I had problems as far as

getting money so I had to sell it so I

sold that the second or a sex that I had

I sold it because the motor blew up

so I basically parted out you know not

the reason why I don't have the car and

the third car was my father's car

unfortunately I had a accident it was on

a snowy day I hit a tree totaled the car

in its entirety and there's no more cars

in the family so that's one reason why I

don't do Amazon flex second because so

far I've been in I've been doing Amazon

flex for like one year now and I haven't

been able to constantly make you know a

good decent amount of money a week you

know the problem with Amazon flex is

that is sometimes it gets hard to be

able to catch a block and sometimes when

there are blocks available the pay is

not that much you know what I'm saying

like sometimes a block would be for

example maybe sixty three four four

three hours and a half sometimes it

might be 72 bucks for four hours and

they all depend sometimes they have four

hours 80 bucks

four hours 90 bucks you know it all

depends on like the day and you know how

busy Amazon is at the moment so the

problem is that I wasn't able to catch

you know blocks constantly and at the

time I was just doing Amazon flex I did

I didn't have no other job you know I

was doing Amazon flex and I had no other

job so I was trying to constantly just

you know tack cache blocks all the time

and it was a pain in the ass you know

don't get me wrong it was a pain in the

ass I was having a hard time all the

time trying to catch a block so it made

it even harder to even pay my bills

because I wasn't able to catch a block I

was actually trying to do Amazon flags

as a full-time job you know but Amazon

flex is more like a side job that you

would want

you know on the side like a side side

gig basically and have a full time job

and just do Amazon flex on the side you

know what are the reason why did I leave

before the other reason why I left it

was because you know I live in New York

right and I would do Amazon flex up in

New Jersey and the warehouse I would go

to is Moonachie I'm not sure if it's Moo

notch away if it's Moonachie that was

the name of the warehouse where I used

to go and do it

I look over there you know pick up the

packages and scan them and all that so

that's the warehouse I would do it and

the problem is that since I would do it

in New Jersey I would have to pay $15 to

come back to to New York you know the

George Washington Bridge so I would have

to pay you know the 15 bucks just to

cross over and that would be a big deal

because they say for example the same

for example if I catch a block that is

$60 right and then after coming back

from it I would have to pay $15 of the

British will leave will lead me to

basically walk $45 so if you take a body

sometimes it might not be worth it

because you know since I live in the in

the new in New York and I would have to

go back to New Jersey to do it and then

a part of that gotta spend $15 to pass

the bridge and then I were to spend

money on gas which is another one so

money on guys and then money on the

British equation sometimes like thinking

about it sometimes you might think

that's not worth it now if I was living

in New Jersey I wouldn't mind doing it

you don't say like if I was to live in

Jersey you know I wouldn't have to spend

$15 every day - you don't do the the

blocks so that's another reason and what

I was trying to think about what reason

why I'm not doing at the moment


that's about it guys I think yeah that's

basically the reason why I stopped doing

Amazon flex for the moment though

hopefully one day I'll be able to you

know buy a car maybe like a little

hoopty and I'll be able to start doing

Amazon effects again I still have the

app so I do have the app and I will

start doing you know more deliveries as

soon as I get another car now I know I

haven't been posting about exactly what

I do and I'm is on flex so my plan is

that once I get another car my plan is

to actually make another video for you

guys and and actually record step by

step how Amazon flex works like me going

up to the warehouse me going up to the

people scanning you know the packages

one by one and showing you guys how it

works and you know blah blah so I want

to you know basically show you guys in

depth of how Amazon flex works that way

you guys have an overall idea of how it

works and hopefully you guys you know

find Amazon flex as a as a great gig

because it really is a great gig just

that it just hard at times to be able to

you know catch a rout wish I could get

annoying because if you decide to do

this as a full-time position then you

got to constantly be on the app you got

to constantly be aware of the blocks and

it should catch one or not

so that's definitely it please guys

don't don't hesitate to ask me any

questions about Amazon flags or anything


like I said like always you got any

questions just comment down below and

I'll be more album or I'll be more

likely to answer your questions and

explain to you guys more about Amazon

flex and teach you guys how it works and

blah blah blah so and for those of you

who are new to my page my name is one

but you can call me by J that's my

that's the name of my page and that's

about it guys until next time make moves

not excuses alright peace