Close All Open Apps with a Single Click on Your Mac [How-To]

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okay what's up guys it's not so here

with GAD Rex and today I'm going to be

showing you how to quit all open apps at

once on OS X so for this guide will be

using Automator so you can find it in

spotlight double click here

alright Automator is now open so i'm

going to tap on new document and from

here you're going to select application

so I'm going to click on application and

then click on choose now you're going to

go to this list here and scroll all the

way down until you find quit all

applications and then you want to double

click it'll create this window here so

if you want all applications to quit

without it asking you to save changes

uncheck this but if not keep this

checked so that way an application that

has not been saved will ask you to save

it before it closes you can also add an

application to do not quit so all other

applications will close except for the

ones in the list so for this I'm just

going to add messages some of the go to

applications scroll down and find

messages and here it is so now I'm going

to press add and it won't close messages

but it will close every other

application alright so now we're done

we're going to go to file and we're

going to go to save I'm going to call

the application quit you can call it

whatever you want and then press save

all right now I'm going to get out of

here and I'm going to open finder and

I'm going to go to applications and I'm

going to find quit and so here it is and

now I'm going to drag it onto my dock so

as you can see down here I have several

applications open including finder

messages Chrome iTunes iPhoto and

terminal so now I'm going to click on

quit and you can see that all my

applications are closing ok now every

application is closed except for

messages it'll take around a few seconds

depending on how many applications you

have open but they will slowly close

without you having to close each one

yourself alright well that's it thanks

guys don't forget to Like comment and

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tutorial over at contacts

alright thanks guys