How To Stop Drinking Alcohol On Your Own (My Story How I Quit Drinking Forever)

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hey there this is Mario from shocking

feared comment in this video you're

going to learn how to stop drinking

alcohol forever so if you apply this

concept from this video you're going to

be able to eliminate this bad habit from

your life for good it's never going to

happen again and why is this important

well look we don't even need to see the

research it's pretty much obvious that

if you're drinking multiple times a week

if you're really getting wasted it's

going to impact your performance even a

little bit of alcohol makes a difference

according to the research I mean you

look at impaired recovery

we're sleep less performance in the gym

less muscle being built like all these

things in your health care of your life

which then directly translates to all

the other areas of your life because if

you're looking to prove your social

skills like your business skills like

your happiness I mean it's all going to

be affected to a degree with how many of

these bad habits you have so alcohol is

just one of them you could be suffering

from multiple different bad things and

these things are actually quite easy to

fix and the way I look at it like my

analogy is kind of when I think about

alcohol or cigarettes something like

that it's kind of like having anchors

tied up to your leg when you're trying

to swim right the more of these anchors

you have the more weight there is and it

just keep dragging you down and you just

no matter how fast of a good of a

swimmer you are it's still going to

impact your performance and I just got

recently reminded it by a story from a

friend how I could get rid of alcohol

for good back then and was like couple

of years ago when I before I started

training I had a massive addiction with

alcohol and video games so speaking to

my friend and his father was actually

addicted to smoking for 20 years and he

reminded me of a story how his father

quit smoking so it was late at night and

his father was actually walking to a -

meeting somewhere with his friend right

and they were walking down the street

and he thought it was like kind of

touching like his pockets and he

couldn't find his cigarettes right he

was like a heavy smoker multiple packs

per day

like really heavy smoking for 15-20

years you know like those people who are

kind of even defined by cigarettes you

know they're older clothes smell like

cigarettes like it's all you know that a

person smokes right so they were walking

down and they were halfway there and it

was just like a meeting a couple of

friends and he knows [ __ ] I forgot my

cigarettes and his friend was like yeah

okay and he's like okay well look let's

just walk back to my place we're not

that far we're just halfway there and as

they started walking back to his

father's place he was like what the [ __ ]

am i doing like he got mad right he got

super pissed off and he got pissed off

because he realized look that pack of

cigarettes is controlling my life like

I'm a human being goddamn it right he

was he was pissed off he was legit

pissed off and he was like started

thinking about all these things like he

missed out on because that pack of

cigarettes were just dragging him down

he was always thinking about it always

making sure that it's there took away so

much energy from him and drained him so

much and he was like why am i walking

back for this like what is wrong with me

and he got super pissed off he told his

friend looked ignore it [ __ ] let's

just go and they started walking back to

where they needed to go and he never

smoked afterwards so he got pissed off

like he legitimately got super pissed

off at himself at the pack of cigarettes

and just said okay that's done that

[ __ ] thing is done he didn't do a 90

day challenge he didn't do a 60 30 day

challenge none of that like none of that

really works what happens when you try

to do a 30 day challenge like you're

doing a 30 day challenge because what a

day 31 you're like hey I'm gonna bat me

back to my to my drinking I'm going to

be back to partying and doing all these

things like I see guys do that 30 day

challenge because they know that on the

35th day there's going to be his best

friend's birthday so he can go

completely off the rails and just get

wasted right that's that's pretty much

like some people I'm not saying that

everybody but you're kind of

subconsciously thinking yeah I'm gonna

go back to it anyway so let me just do a

challenge right

I mean look that should

doesn't work and I remember myself and

how I got to quit alcohol going back to

the topic was I got pissed off because I

just went out one night standard night I

just went out

I started with a couple of drinks my

social skills was zero by then a couple

of years ago like five six years ago my

only purpose to go to bar was you wasted

and if I remember anything that would be

super cool right I'll be happy and I got

wasted and not only that I got wasted a

little bit

I actually got completely smashed and I

threw up on myself and I actually threw

up on a friend as well man he good he

carried me out and I was super

embarrassed then I was like destroy like

my head heard I could barely remember

things like people were showing me

pictures and the phone like look what

the [ __ ] you did I was super [ __ ]

embarrassing like completely like not

something that I was like it was like

just one level above like what I would

usually do because usual get away so

I'll kind of find my way home and it

would be fine I would kind of forget

about it people would be telling me yeah

I was a good [ __ ] time good partying

bro like all these things but this time

I really took it like one one level

above right and I got pissed off man I

just got pissed off I was like [ __ ]

alcohol I'm never doing this again never

and it was really like the glass was

full and that was just the final drop

and I just got pissed off and I told

myself look this [ __ ] has to [ __ ] go

like I got super old I never get pissed

off at anything except myself and I got

pissed off at myself I told myself look

this can't be in your life anymore

this has to change and once I just

pulled that [ __ ] trigger I never even

considered going back to drinking it's

just that simple I just pulled the

trigger I just said [ __ ] it you know

it's done and it my life complete change

after that not just because of that I

mean at that point I was already kind of

working towards something so I felt like

the [ __ ] was just holding me back man

like it was just all the embarrassment

all the integral that I can I can live

with that somehow

I can't live with that the fact that is

just holding me back in the gym it's

holding me back from like being happy

and I just get to get into a depression

after you get wasted you know can't get

enough sleep like people are [ __ ]

like looking at you like what what

happened I mean I was just like [ __ ]

this this has to go so the power what

I'm talking about the concept here is

just get [ __ ] mad man like you have

to use that anger in the right direction

sometimes and that right direction is

against the bad habit and if that bad

habit is holding you back

you got a new kit you gotta eliminate it

there's no way to move forward as I said

think about those anchors the more of

those anchors you have that are dragging

you down no matter how good your body is

haha they canal adji how well you can

swim you will still be dragged to the

bottom of the ocean even if you do

improve it's going to be so [ __ ] slow

that you're just missing out and you're

going to regret missing out on all that

potential and that's something I could

not live it myself I could not live it

myself that I would allow something like

a simple substance like alcohol told me

back and ever since then I mean not just

that I'm sober but I'm actually not even

having an urge it's not even a fight

anymore I'm just like okay I just don't

drink I'm just the person who doesn't

drink IBK I became a person who doesn't

drink who has that self-image have that

new identity that I don't drink and I

never really enjoyed or I never really

enjoyed in any way now if I'm completely

honest it was just like it was just

hiding in insecurities insecurities that

I was bad talking to people that I

couldn't communicate with people I

couldn't be free I couldn't express

myself and that alcohol was just helping

me in hip like deal with that inhibition

and I just had to be real myself if I

can cut that out and really work on it

take the take the narrow road right take

the [ __ ] harder path and now when did

that take the harder path pretty much

got rid of it forever and I'm happy that

I did because all my life completely

changed since then not just because of

that little thing but that's just one

thing and many things just put together

and they just create like momentum

and then you just changed your life

completely they hope you enjoy this

video hope a little bit of a personal

story and a couple of stories that I

shared with you resonate with you and

maybe you've heard about some of this

before maybe you've experienced

something similar so if you did leave me

a comment below how that happened to you

or if that happened to one of your

friends I'm definitely interested in

hearing your ideas your thoughts I'll

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