How to get rid of Alcohol addiction and explore life? | Youth and Truth

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Karam Sakura my question is as you have

said for many times Shiva has explored

all the diamonds Shiva has explored all

the dimensions of life everything he has

explored in this age when the energy is

at its peak how can we explore every

aspect of the life without being

untouched and getting attached to all

the compulsive activities we say I don't

want to drink but somewhere we are

afraid that we will be addicted to it

my question is how can we explore every

aspect of life without being untouched

so yeah

nobody says I want to drink some people

drink some people don't some people who

drink may drink for the pleasure of it

some people who drink may drink because

they want to drown something within

themselves some people drink because

everybody's drinking is an evolutionary

it's an evolutionary issue you know when

we were monkeys if one did this

everybody did this and some people don't

drink because they think is morally


some people don't drink because they're

afraid their parents in society what

they will say some people don't drink

because they found something better

within themselves they found something

far better with it than a drink so it

never arose in their mind that they have

to drink because they're doing

wonderfully by themselves they don't

need any chemical help from outside so

these are different ways if you want to

explore life because you can only

explore life you cannot explore art you

cannot explore spirituality you cannot

explore something you can only explore


yes well you may look at it from a

certain perspective somebody may look at

it in an artistic way in an aesthetic


in a musical way in a spiritual way but

essentially we're exploring life even if

you are looking at inanimate things

you're only exploring life because

nothing happens outside of you

everything that happens happens only

within you isn't it

do you see me right now even if you're

not hearing even if you're not listening

are you able to see me can you use your

one hand and point out where I am you

got it wrong this light is falling upon

me in reflecting going through your

lenses inverted image in the retina you

know the whole thing you know the whole

story right where do you see me now

within yourself where do you hear me

right now within yourself where have you

seen the whole world within yourself

anything that ever happened to you joy

or misery light or darkness pain or

pleasure happen only within you isn't it

so did you ever experience anything

outside of you did you so the only thing

that you're experiencing is life you may

think this is color you may think this

is sound you may think this is something

else not in your experience you're only

experiencing the way different things

imprint upon your life

that's how only way you can experience

it there is no other means of experience

for you so essentially you're only

exploring life because nothing else you

have access to yes right now I am I

think I am looking at this person but no

I am only looking at the image that

happens in my mind isn't it so right now

if you touch somebody next to you think

you are experiencing that person's hand

no you only experience the sensations in

your hand isn't it so so your entire

experience of life is absolutely within

you that means you are capable of

experiencing only this one life

so easy to trap that you can only

experience this No

if you experience this then everything

becomes a possibility because see when

it comes to body we clearly know this is

my body that's your body 100% this is my

mind that's your mind 100% isn't it but

when it comes to life there is no such

thing as your life and my life this is a

living cosmos you just captured a little

bit of it how much you captured how much

life have you gathered within you will

determine what is the scope and scale of

your life so whether you call it art

whether you call it music whether you

call it spiritual process or whatever

the nature of activity activity is a

means to open up your borders of

individuality well that first question

is it a way of stamping my individuality

no it is a way of erasing the boundaries

of your individuality so that something

larger than yourself happens to you

something larger than what you think as

my self happens to you in your life this

is the purpose of loud this is the

purpose of art this is the purpose of

sexuality this is the purpose of

spiritual process essentially that

something larger than myself must happen

to me because only if this happens I

feel trapped inside this yes or no you

interpret this in many different ways

but essentially what you are looking for

is you want to somehow go beyond the

limitations of your own boundaries the

word yoga you heard of the word yoga the

word yoga means people ding twisting and

turning is not yoga the word yoga means

Union Union means if you sit here there

you and the universe if you sit here

tightly fixed with your boundaries it is

you versus the universe you versus

universe is a stupid competition hello

those of you were like this all the time

it's an absolutely idiotic competition

between you and the universe if you have

any sense you don't compete with the

universe because you're a small speck in

this universe how do you compete this is

what individuality means individuality

means you are head-on with the universe

yoga means you obliterated the

boundaries of your individuality the

distinction between what is you and what

is the universe has gone down

considerably if you sit here what is you

and what is F everything else is about

the same in your experience if this

happens to you then you will see there

is no such thing as my life and your

life there is just one big life

happening this experience is needed are

tremendous experiences needed within you

if you want to create something

fantastic if you want to create

something brilliant something unique

something truly of some significance

you need an experience but this is not

her hand if you find me to prejudice

please tell me I will tell you why I am

futuristic the influence of European art

on the rest of the world is

disproportionately large there is no joy

in the art the more miserable it is the

more profound it is supposed to be it

should look grotesque and because this

became a European trait that in their

own thought they

I thought their thought is so supreme

they went to the point of saying I think

so I exist

I want to ask you a simple question is

it because you think you exist or

because you exist you may think which

way is it please because you exist you

may think because most people are in

such a state of mental diarrhea they

think thought is a continuous process no

life is an ongoing process thought

should happen consciously isn't it now

I'm here I exist now my hand moves when

I want suppose this hand all the time

it's jumping around like this you will

think I have an ailment and definitely

you can't be an artist with a jumping

hand right now this is the state of most

minds they are always jumping all over

the place and they think it's normal

it's not normal but Satguru everybody is

like this only well that's how it is in

Asylum everybody will be like that only

only the doctor will be crazy rest will

be like that only

isn't it so it's important that there is

an experience of exuberance joy

profoundness but right now in the world

a whole lot of people think only in

misery you can be profound because it is

true that for most people their pain is

the most profound experience of their

life to know profoundness of joy to know

profoundness of love to know

profoundness of exuberance and intensity

of life it takes something more but if

we just stick opinion to you just a pin

not a swirl just a pin

the pain goes to the core isn't it hello

just a little pin 1 inch pin if I stick


so deep so pain goal becomes profound

much more easily so a lot of people

think pain is the source of profoundness

this has to change

Indian art and the rest of the world

must get liberated from the European art

forms because it comes from deep states

of misery wherein deep states of misery

suffering has been celebrated there is

nothing celebratory about suffering

maybe you can celebrate somebody else's

suffering there is nothing celebrate we

have got your own suffering isn't it

please sohow Shiva you still with him

only house you I explored his life the

different dimensions I was that's what I

said just now without mentioning his

name but what you are referring to as

Shiva means she were means that which is

not that means he is not he is not means

what he is in a state of abandon an

artist should know a state of abandon as

nothing phenomena will ever come out of

you if you are doing it self-consciously

if I paint this how much money will I

get then you must be a streetside

caricature artists if you want to

produce something fantastic what you

considered as myself should go at least

for moments if not continuously at least

for moments it must go Shiva means

that's what it means he is not he is

simply not he is in a state of ignorance

when he still he is not otherwise when

he gets in the moment he gets into the

most intense dance form so then also he

is not he doesn't know the in-between he

is on this peak or in this peak he

doesn't rest in between

so that's why exuberance and abandon is

more important than control