How To Cure Alcohol Addiction At Home | Alcohol Withdrawal

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do you think you have a serious drinking

problem and are experiencing any of the

Associated symptoms of alcohol

dependence or are you wondering on to

how to cure alcohol addiction completely

in today's video we will learn five tips

on how to cure alcohol addiction at home

there are lots of reasons why you might

want to stop drinking alcohol some

people need to stop drinking as a result

of developing an alcohol-related medical

condition such as liver disease or

because they start taking medication

which reacts badly with alcohol others

choose to do so for religious reasons or

simply as a move towards a healthier

lifestyle if you're thinking about

removing alcohol from your life you

should know that you're not alone 43% of

adults in Britain who say they abstain

from alcohol did previously drink

alcohol whatever your reasons we will

give you lots of tips on how to stop

drinking alcohol details of the

potential benefits of not drinking as

well as information on the potential

alcohol withdrawal symptoms you could

experience if you move from drinking

heavily to drinking no alcohol at all it

is possible to safely detox from alcohol

at home without medical supervision but

extra caution should be taken if you're

detoxing on your own alcohol withdrawal

can cause serious health issues that

require medical treatment to avoid

severe alcohol withdrawal symptoms you

should slowly reduce alcohol consumption

cautious tapering may take longer than

medically supervised detox but it will

help you avoid major health problems

tapering can help you overcome alcohol

dependence which is a side effect of

chronic alcohol use that causes cravings

and withdrawal detox doesn't treat

addiction which is a disease

characterized by compulsive behaviors

such as chronic alcohol use if you're

addicted to alcohol it's unlikely that

you'll be able to recover without some

form of addiction treatment you may be

able to detox at home and recover from

alcoholism with the help of support

groups such as Alcoholics Anonymous

however medically supervised detox and

professional rehab are more likely to

help you maintain long-term sobriety tip

number one make your intentions known

tell your family and friends that you're

trying to stop drinking alcohol and

explain why this way you can share your

successes with them and they'll

understand why you started turning down

drinks or trips to the pub frequently

reminding yourself and the people close

to you why you want to stop drinking can

help keep you on track and may even

encourage someone else to give up or cut

down with you tip number two focus on

hydration first nothing can replace the

value of water the body requires it to

function when you're dehydrated you can

experience irritability and confusion

alcohol withdrawal causes a variety of

different symptoms including fatigue

anxiety depression loss of appetite

nausea or vomiting these symptoms

usually lasts between 24 to 72 hours and

may limit your ability to eat

apart from water juice broth ice pops

and gelatin as good choices during the

early stages of withdrawal tip number

three take frequent showers taking a

shower doesn't help you sober up and it

doesn't help alcohol leave your body

more quickly but it can relieve some

symptoms of alcohol withdrawal by

helping you relax taking a shower that

is too hot or too cold can cause

dangerous changes to body temperature

but a lukewarm shower may distract you

from some minor withdrawal symptoms tip

number four eat a healthy diet a healthy

diet includes eating foods that contain

the proper balance of carbohydrates

vitamins minerals proteins and fats

these nutrients help the brain and other

organs function if a person is

malnourished the body doesn't have the

energy it needs to recover from alcohol

dependence lastly tip number five

breathing deeply can relieve stress that

accompanies alcohol withdrawal

deep breathing helps the body receive

adequate oxygen which can normalize

heart rate and stabilize blood pressure

according to Harvard Medical School in

contrast shallow breathing limits oxygen

intake and can make you feel anxious

during this whole process reward

progress it's important that you

acknowledge the fact that making changes

to your lifestyle can be difficult and

that you reward yourself with something

if you are making progress

it's equally important not to be too

hard on yourself if you slip up every

once in a while an easy way to keep

track of how you're doing and keep your

motivation up as to give yourself

short-term goals perhaps you could name

firstly for an alcohol free week than an

alcohol free month for example an in

conclusion enjoy the benefits whether

you're cutting alcohol out of your life

completely or cutting down gradually you

may notice a number of improvements to

the way you look and feel among other


you might find you have more energy that

you're sleeping better or that you've

lost a bit of weight in the long term

you will also be helping to reduce your

risk of developing alcohol-related

cancer alcohol-related liver disease or

alcohol-related heart disease and could

lower your blood pressure for more

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