Quitting Smoking & Alcohol | How To Beat Cravings

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Hey everyone! So today I want to talk to you about cravings and how to beat them

basically this is going to be focused on my sobriety series, how to quit smoking

and how to quit drinking that kind of thing a couple couple a little over

three years ago I quit smoking cigarettes and I loved that I made that

decision I feel so much better now a little over a year ago I decided to quit

alcohol and again I feel pretty good if you guys would like to see more about my

journey and also mental health check out my main channel page because I have

several playlists and everything over there if you guys want to see more

videos about that but I wanted to make this video because I feel like this is

the most crucial thing that happens when someone decides that they want to quit

something if you want to quit a bad habit if you're wanting to quit

something overall for your health your mental health your physical health your

overall well-being I found for myself personally I guess that when I wasn't

able to ride the wave of craving something like if I wanted to smoke a

cigarette which I really don't need more I really don't like cigarettes

so that sounds weird even saying that but if I craved a drink I found that if

I really really really craved it and I wanted it it was so easy to slip back

into it and drink again and or smoke again and I just think that's the most

difficult obstacle alcohol is around us constantly it's constantly being shoved

in your face anytime you go out in public at all

alcohol is like glamorized into this thing that is oh if you don't do it

you're a weirdo kind of thing and that sucks anyway I'm just gonna get to the

point these are things that I found helpful for me when I found myself

craving just trying to get past that craving and just stick with my original

choice of I don't want to do this anymore

I don't want this in my life anymore I don't want this to be a part of my life

anymore cigarettes alcohol the first thing you can do for yourself is just

create a solid plan or an idea call even a dream board if you want to I actually

have a few boards over on Pinterest that our secret boards that only I

you I have a few inspiration boards and plans and quotes from things that just

inspire me things that made me want to go back to the the original decision to

stay quit so I have a few fitness boards I have a few like luxury boards the main

thing I have is quotes I really found quotes to be very helpful and also

seeing other people's before and afters with alcohol and without alcohol and the

transformation is insane like people who have just completely

transformed their bodies like they looked so healthy like I'm just speaking

from what I've seen and some of these are very drastic and maybe I'll show

some right now so you guys can just see what I'm talking about because it's just

incredible some people like we need to make the decision to quit cigarettes or

alcohol it just is a motive that is a motivator in itself to just take care of

yourself better and it makes you want to eat better it makes you want to work out

and not maybe not push yourself to the extreme like in my case I really like to

do yoga just because it feels good it feels good to stretch it's easy on my

joints it's also difficult because when you do this chaturanga push-ups hello

those are hard and I'm still building strength and it's toning your body

it's everything also taking better care of my skin again it's just everything so

that's the first thing I would recommend is just having something you can

physically look at as a reminder you just need a reminder like this is what I

want for myself and I don't want to go backwards I want to go forwards it could

even be something that you write in your journal I've done that as well I've made

like lists of pros and cons of not drinking alcohol and the pros I mean it

was just like all pros um so the only con was like occasionally missing it

like wanting to get like a small buzz or wanting to have a glass of something at

the end of the day but I mean who honestly has one glass like I don't know

anyway the next thing that you have to do is make a plan especially for if

you're going out and you know that you're going to get triggered hate to

say the word triggered you know that you're going to have a stimulus of

to drink if you're gonna go to I don't know any occasion it's a celebration

it's a wake anything you go to honestly alcohol will be served so what will you

do in that situation you need to have a plan if it gets too intense you need to

leave excuse yourself it's totally fine to do that you can go to the bathroom

you can go outside for a walk you can call someone you can be like hey IO I

need to leave for a sec but I'll be right back I find that getting some

support or at least having a little bit of alone time when you're in social

situations when everybody around you is drinking and maybe not everyone maybe

like you and a couple other sober buddies or at a party that's very

helpful most likely you're probably gonna be the only sober one hate to tell

you that but if that's the case then you need to just have a plan of like you

know just figure out what types of drinks that you like maybe it's a

milkshake I mean that sounds awesome I think a coke especially like a Mexican

coke tastes way better than a beer like if you can imagine Room reimagine when

you were like first drinking the first time you ever had a sip of something you

probably didn't like it like you had to get used to drinking beer or whatever

the same thing with smoking cigarettes like when you took your first drag you

probably coughed like your body just instantly just rejects that so the next

thing that you absolutely have to do this is the most fundamental thing is

you have to ride out the craving I have said this before in previous videos

where I talked about sobriety and quitting smoking where you know

ultimately that this craving won't last forever like any feeling but what I've

said in previous videos was it kind of reminds me of standing on the shore at

the beach and you feel these waves they hit your legs and then the water becomes

smooth again and then you just keep feeling that but it becomes smooth again

so it doesn't again last forever craving something like alcohol kind of reminds

me of that or craving anything really like if you're craving sweets if you're

craving fill in the blank I don't know eventually if you could

just hold on a little longer a few moments longer that craving just goes

away I know it's hard it's very very

difficult to ride right out the wave is what I'd like to

say if you can't just focus on as overuse as this saying is being present

um I find that to be very helpful because if you can't even distract

yourself for a few moments you'll find that you're already on to

the next thing so you might treat yourself to something else I also like

to do that as well as kind of keep my self rewards for not going with that

alcoholic beverage this is what I used to do I honestly am at a point where I

don't really crave it anymore I know that sounds ridiculous that sounds crazy

so I'm not going to keep talking about that in this video that's like a

separate video that's just how I am right now I don't really crave it

anymore but I remember when I did those feelings were so intense like you really

really want whatever beverage and it sucks it absolutely sucks especially

when you're in social social situation and everyone around you is doing it but

what you could do is treat yourself to something else so maybe again it's a

dessert thing maybe it's a different beverage of some sort like a really good

cappuccino anything else but that's the main thing that I think you absolutely

have to do is just remember why you quit and your decisions and your reasons for

quitting and just remember all the positives that are happening all the

benefits your body is gonna get from not drinking alcohol from not smoking

remember to be present if you need help you can also ask for help ask your

support team of support group if you need it for help because people are out

there that will be more than willing to help you and just talk with you for a

few minutes and kind of again just distract you and then you're on to the

next thing and that's kind of it and this is also kind of overused but I

think it it really is true and each day is a victory so just take it day by day

and celebrate yourself like each time you hit a milestone like oh I beat that

craving like do something nice for yourself take a moment and notice that

you beat that craving I found that I am so much stronger or I have more of a

drive or a motivation and that is building confidence there are just so

many positives to again writing out the wave and not going

not craving into the craving but so that's it for this video hope you guys

found it helpful if you guys again would like to see some of my other videos on

sobriety I have a playlist for that and I also have a Mind playlist where I dive

into meditations grounding techniques things like that so I'll link those down

below if you guys want to check them out but again hope you guys are having a

great day and I'll see you guys on the next one alright bye