How Can I Overcome My Addiction Of Lust And Adultery?

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Mercedes asked this question, so I try to serve God and keep myself holy, but I get

into a spiritual frustration and depression so bad that even I hate

myself and ask God to take me away. I don't find happiness in this path.

I've been married for 34 years, but I struggle with lust and adultery, and

every three years or so I run into sin, dirty myself for one night, and after

that I feel so ashamed that I just wanted to disappear. I do confess to my

husband and God about my fleshly battles. I can't keep being free for good. My

husband is a man of God he is good to me. I asked him for a divorce but he says

he's not going to stop praying for me because he trusts that God is going to

finish the work in me. How can I be free from this? You're not alone in the

struggle against the flesh. In fact before we become Christians we are

infected in our flesh, our will, our intellect, our emotions, our bodies we are

infected with sin. Sin does damage to our fleshly nature from the time we're born

and yes even through the time we come to faith in Christ and afterwards, the flesh

is a is constantly under siege constantly attacked. The greatest

Christian who ever lived struggled with the same question you're

raising. In Romans chapter 7, I like to call it Paul's double talk chapter

because he seems to go back and forth and back and forth between wanting to do

the right thing and ending up doing the wrong thing. I would encourage you to

read Romans 7. Read it slowly. Read it again and again and again. Read it

several times and you will sense in the Apostle Paul again the greatest