How I QUIT My Gambling Addiction!

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hey guys it's rhymey over here and i

thought i'll just make a video tonight

does the video being pretty raw pretty

real i think i'm when it comes to

talking about personal issues where you

know you could help other people i think

it's important for people to speak out

about stuff like that

this topic is about gambling addiction

so I was addicted to gambling and I was

addicted to gambling for about about two

years I would spend my fortnightly wage

in about four days so for about ten days

out of a fortnight I would be broke

broke as a joke and I kept doing this to

myself and I barely won I just kept

losing money and it's very strange

because I don't even remember how this

addiction began but all I remember

really was the process of how I managed

to see that I was addicted and how I

managed to pull myself out which is

possibly how it could help you first

thing was I remember when I would spend

my fortnightly wage in four days and

after I'd lose and lose and lose again I

would go back to my car and I would go

over to my car and just sit there alone

in the dark bursting out in tears in

tears and I would speak to myself in the

car I would I would speak to myself and

ask myself what am i doing why am I

doing this and I used to say this line

over and over again

Rahmi you're better than this you're

better than this what are you doing

you're smarter than this so look I was

aware at least I had that self awareness

that I'm better than what I'm doing and

I had that acknowledgement and I kept

saying it to myself because it was the

truth and it's very likely the truth

about you

if you're addicted to gambling

you are better than that you are smarter

than that

so I stood that nice to go to my car

bawl my eyes out speak to myself like a

crazy person and then go home nobody

knew that I was addicted to gambling I

was very good at hiding it and nobody

knew no one would have had a clue and no

one did have a clue which is why one

when I came out as a gambling addict a

lot of my family and friends were

absolutely shocked they couldn't believe

it they couldn't believe that I spent

about that I lost about twenty-two

thousand dollars of my cold hard earned

cash just gone that's just the estimate

like I feel like he was way more than

that and he possibly was I wasn't

counting I was just losing I didn't I

didn't go to gamble to really win like I

didn't care I didn't care if I won or a

loss like obviously by the end of the

night I'll be upset if I lost but during

the whole gambling period I if I won I

remember I fouled win my face would be

stone-cold like there'll be no

expression on his back sitting there I'm

hitting take win and just keep gambling

there was no emotion to it it was almost

like I was just completely brainwashed

like my brain had fizzled and that's

what it felt like because there's I kept

gambling and losing or winning I noticed

there's just no expression I was like a

zombie and then it started to dawn on me

that perhaps I wasn't fascinated with

the money because I know myself I'm not

this hole I'm not greedy I don't care

about money I just thought why it was

for me was the sights the sounds I feel

like the visual you know the audio all

that drew me in I was basically being

brainwashed into these sensations and

that's what drew me in that's what I

believed I stood I know to this day so

it was that awareness of hey I don't

really care if I win I'm not doing this

for the money

I must be doing it for some other reason

I'm addicted for some reason and that's

something that are again I was aware of

so there are these signs but the signs

kept coming for me

the next sign for me was a very

important one and it's something I

remember very clearly I was sitting in

one of the pubs in my local area that 11

p.m. and I was there doing my zombie

thing pushing a button staring at a

screen that was it and I remember like I

felt just to be it like lightheaded so I

just stopped pushing that button for a

second when I stopped pushing that

button I took a deep breath so good take

breath and I laid back I you know I

leaned back on my chair and all I did

was look at my environment I look to my

left I look to my right to my left I'm a

bass or guy punching the screen punching

the poky machine in inner rage I was

just looking at that guy's like to him

it's pretty intense

then I look to my right and I saw some

guy pick up his mobile phone

his wife was calling I saw him keep the

reserve button on the machine and run

outside because he didn't want his wife

to know he was addicted to gambling and

he was living this whole secret life it

was such a depressing scene I was

looking around me I was like look man I

don't want to boast I Know Who I am I

know my worth I was looking at at my

environment I was like what am I doing

here what on earth am I doing here I

don't belong here that was a big

awakening and that that almost tipped me

over that almost did me over but I kept

coming back then there was another sign

another sign was ours at one of the big

RSL clubs and this is pretty intense I

was at one that are cell clubs and um a

guy came up to me my age and he said hey

don't I know you from somewhere you know

I said I don't think so

he asked me what school I went to I told

him and he said although you look really

familiar I think we know mutual friends

or something I said okay maybe maybe I

just I don't remember

seemed really friendly really

down-to-earth and friendly and chatty

and I had no issue with him anyways he

kind of wished me luck with my gambling

and he walked away this guy came back

about and they are later and then of

course I'm still on that same machine

losing he comes back to me and it's

pouring rain outside and he says to me

hey bro he's like do you mind just you

know um dropping me off to my car

because it's pouring rain outside so I

looked outside of those really heavy

rain I said you know what okay no

worries I'm finishing up I'll drop you

to your car so I walked with this fella

really a stranger to my car and we go

inside my car and we drive to his car

just a few minutes away out on the

street and I pull over and he makes a

comment and he taps my leg and you know

I was like okay man looks like have a

good night

and he I shook his hand and then he kind

of tapped me on my traps up here and

said to me he's like ah man he's like

you're really tense he's like you know

I'm a masseuse but right I said okay I

was like well that's cool and he's like

yeah and he's like you're really tense

man and he said I'll never smile talk to

your leg that you're very tense as well

it's a daily stretch you know I was just

like actually I don't stretch but

whatever no big deal anyways what this

guy did next was he was touching my trap

again and I was gonna be awkward and he

said to me now man he's like you could

be this is like this is not normal but

I'm applying did you say someone for

that you need a massage

and he was rubbing my much wrap up here

and I was just like okay and he's like

nah brother seriously that's really

tense really tired Baba and then he said

your leg is well down there and he took

my leg again and he started rubbing my

leg I was like sorry dude what are you

doing and he kept rubbing and I said

sorry gonna gonna have to leave he

my hand and he's basically fighting with

me in my car and he wanted to make some

advance on me in my own car so I went

apeshit I just yelled at him i honk the

horn I was home to get the [ __ ] out of

my car and he left and again I looked at

this situation and I've realized how is

this my scene how are these my people

I'm intelligent I'm wise and I'm I'm in

this situation around with this guy

that's trying to sexually assault me in

my car

whom I met gambling that was another

huge straw for me but guess what I kept

going I kept coming back until something

so simple finalize the deal for me and

this won't work for everyone because I'm

different to you you're different to me

I respect that but I have my faith and

my faith is Islam that's that's what I

believe I'm a Muslim and that is my

ideology and everyone has a different

one and I respect you and I hope you

could respect me for mine at the end of

the day there was something that just

sealed the deal for me and I got really

close to doing it on my own and I was in

that process I feel but it was just very

slow and then the tipping point where I

just stopped was when I stumbled across

a verse in the Quran and the Quran is

like the holy book for Muslims and the

verse was so clear and they said o you

who believe that's addressing me because

I do believe again it's not part that's

possibly not addressing you if you don't

said oh you believe avoid intoxicants in

gambling if you should be successful and

there's something as simple as that

the second I fully read that and

understood that and the power of those

words he had because all the gambling

machines had are you a gambling addict

call this number never once said across

my mind I didn't care about that he

didn't sink in but when I read read the

in the Koran that we're addressing me

and telling me hey if you want to

succeed you know stop gambling I did

that and it worked I'm no longer a

gambling addict I'm clean from all that

and you know for the last seven years or

so I've been saving money and I've been

on this fantastic streak and financially

I'm so stable thank God and I did that

eventually and guys if you're in the if

you're in this grip of gambling

addiction you need to ask yourself so

many questions not only do you need to

ask yourself questions we need a look at

your environment more to stop with the

processing because all of this is just

clear brainwashing stop with the rhythm

stop with the repetitive motion and just

take a deep breath like what I did take

a step back and preserve your

environment ask yourself should you be

in this environment is this environment

you think about it a lot of these

questions will start popping up look at

the crowd look at the environment look

at how it makes you feel look at how

makes others feel look at what it's

doing for you and you'll come to realize

that this industry the gambling industry

that's making you know that's destroying

lives essentially is part of a system

and you don't have to be a part of that

system and you need to get out if you're

sucked in you need to get out of that

system do you want to proceed in your

life and be successful

because you can't escape I'm proof of

that I was caught in a tight grip for

over two years I lost so much freaking

money and I was depressed but nobody

knew but it was all of these signs that

came together eventually that made me

stop and thank goodness thank goodness

that I was self-aware enough and that I

was open to accepting change and I did

that and if you're a gambling addict

guys I hope my tips helped just think

about it and I want that success for you

and you're worth it you are so worth it

he said lots of love thank you so much

for watching and he felt good to really

open up to you guys have a good night