Chained up ‘to cure cough-syrup addiction’ - BBC News

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I thought chains were a thing of the


but not in this rehab center in northern

Nigeria people here are chained to the

floor to prevent them from being violent

some have mental illnesses but many of

them are like this because of his

specific drug a deadly largely hidden

epidemic that is sweeping across Nigeria

people all over the world addicted to

cough syrup with codeine it's a medicine

that has become a street drug a sweet

sweet strawberry taste that makes you

high unhooks you over time it will kill


in just two states the government says

three million bottles are consumed every

single day it's not hard to find

Nigeria's boys getting their syrup aye

it's not hard to find Nigeria syrup

girls either even religious will men

drink it vast quantities are seized and

destroyed by the government every year

tons of it in other Nigeria last year








after buying the Serie all of it was

poured down the drain we didn't want it

to end up on the black market or in the

hands of an addict the company says it's

irresponsible and confiance

business is reviewing distribution

policies and treating our findings with

the utmost seriousness codeine cough

syrup can be deadly if you take too much

it can cause organ failure and even

schizophrenia this rehab center in color

is a place of nightmares

this cough syrup addict was found out of

control in the city arrested and brought

into the center a few days before staff

chained him to a tree he was too violent

to be close to others they will stay

like this for weeks

swimming which flies no books no

television nothing and still they keep

coming it's 11 for every week the passes

before we could get to be me 2 or 3

within a week but now we 6 7 8

sometimes I went 10 within a week many

of the cough syrup addicts are suffering

shivering and unstable if we draw

symptoms in one room we found the girl

of just 16 years she's been in the

center two months feeling weak and still

shaking as the syrup leaves her system

a message to others is simple it really

breaks my heart to see children like

this and see young women

honestly it's really deliver and

everybody knows the special of this

codeine no no it's not a hidden thing we

can't lie to ourselves and we can't

deceive anybody the truth shall be told

and we are saying it out that this thing

is a serious issue it is biting

everybody it's going from one home to

another if you think you are safe you

are not safe as I left this place I

understood why some people say cough

syrup is killing a generation