5 Ways to Volunteer VIRTUALLY || COVID-19 #stayhome

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there are so many ways to donate right

now whether it's money food personal

protective equipment hospitals but not

everyone has those things to give and

especially right now times are tough for

a lot of people so I started looking

into ways to donate your time virtually

so that you can stay home stay safe but

still help out those who need it and if

there's any in this video they don't

cover please comment below with

different organizations you know of

where you can volunteer virtually now

the first time to talk about are a

little bit more of a time commitment but

then the last three are just kind of

more on your own time a little bit more

flexible so there's one organization

called Duroc and basically you chat on

the phone with an older adult and this

is really interesting because they have

this as a service all the time but right

now with what's happening there's a lot

more older adults that might feel even

more isolated than normal because they

can't have visitors so this is a really

cool organization because basically you

get paired up with an older adult and

you chat on the phone with them they

have a couple different levels so you

can either do one day per week for an

hour for four weeks or twice per week

for an hour for four weeks so it's not

that much of a time commitment just one

or two hours per week per month and I'll

include the link to sign up below along

with all the volunteer opportunities I

talked about I'll put the links in the

description below so that it's really

easy for you guys to find them now

another way to volunteer which is a

little bit more time commitment as well

is to be a crisis counselor with crisis

text line so basically what they do here

is it's a 24/7 free service that anyone

can text this number if they're

struggling in any kind of way and they

just need someone to talk to you this is

great if you are either a night owl or

an early riser because the hours that

are most popular tend to be like when

most people are asleep so that's where

they need the most volunteers and how

this one works is you commit to a four

hour shift per week until you accumulate

200 hours which is about a year

commitment so again this one's more of a

commitment but they give you all the

training so you don't have to have any

prior experience all you have to do is

sign up take the training they give you

and you'll get you all set up these next

three you can do them on your own time

there's no strict time command

so if you like reading books there is a

service called Bookshare and basically

you can either choose to scan books or

you can proofread PDF documents you can

you both if you want this one's really

awesome because they help people with a

very wide range of disabilities anything

from you know vision impairments to

learning disabilities so this one is

really awesome just in general I mean

this runs all the time all these

organizations existed before what's

happening right now but it's just cool

to kind of find out about these and get

started now when people are needing it a

little bit more another opportunity is

translators Without Borders so this is

really really cool if you speak another

language if you do then basically how

this works is they're they upload like

documents that doctors or other people

that work with Doctors Without Borders

might need and so you can translate

those for them and so this is a really

cool way to help out with an

organization that does a lot of good but

staying in your house staying safe and

helping them do their job better so this

next one is really cool it's called be

my eyes and basically it's an app you

install on your phone and it is meant

for people with vision impairments and

basically what they do is they can start

a video called somebody and as the

volunteer you would get basically

notified that someone is need some help

and is that it needs a video call so

you'll answer and basically they just

tell you what they need it could range

from picking out you know clothes in

their closet they need they can't tell

what color is the one they want

or it could be looking at ingredients

label or looking at an expiration date

such a different wide range of things so

what's cool about this is all you do is

you install the app on your phone and

then you just wait and you'll get

notified if someone needs a video call

and basically they send it out and

whoever answers at first will be the one

to do it so if you don't answer it you

don't need to worry because someone else

another volunteer will be waiting to

take that call now hopefully one of

these interests you and you're gonna go

sign up again the links to everything

are down below and let other people know

share this video with anyone you think

might be you know having some extra down

time right now and could really help out

in one of these ways because this is a

great time

to make use of extra time if you have it

and to really give back to those who

need it