Tell Your Toxic Job Goodbye!

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let's go to kelsey who's on the line in

Wichita Kansas Kelsey you're on the Ken

Coleman show hi Ken oh I'm so excited

with the opportunity to talk with you

taking my call I'm happy to you know I'm

excited to talk to you you just have

some juice and I like it

well yeah thank you and I would love to

hear your advice and expertise on with a

work environment is too toxic

it wouldn't when it's time to leave okay

so tell me in your most specific terms

how you think your current environment

is toxic describe the toxicity mm-hmm I

would compare it to being very similar

to be in an abusive relationship or

maybe a loved one or a spouse or it gets

so bad you want to leave and then they

throw money at you or raises and it's

good for a little while and then it's