I LEFT MY TEACHING JOB! Why I quit being a teacher: stress, severe behaviors, no support, harassment

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how do I want to start this well I quit

my job hey guys welcome back to my

channel if you're new here my name is

Laura and if you're really new here then

you wouldn't know that for the past 4

years I have been a teacher so in

today's video I'm just gonna be

explaining to you guys why I ended up

ultimately deciding to leave my job as a

elementary school teacher so before I

get into like the reasonings why I'm

basically I just want to start off by

saying I hope you guys respect my

decision and I know that I left during

the middle of the school year so it's

kind of a big deal and people are

probably gonna hate on me for it but I

hope you guys just hear me out and

understand and even if you don't agree

with it I hope you guys can just kind of

you know agree to disagree on some of

these things hey guys so before I go any

further I just want to give a big shout

out to Charlie Lee TV I'm gonna link his

channel down below but he sent me a

bunch of things from my wishlist if you

guys don't know in my description I had

a wish list on on all my old videos for

what I want into my classroom he sent me

a ton of thing so thank you so much

again Charlie for sending me all those

things they are all in my old classroom

or in a classroom at that same school so

everything is being used by students so

thank you so much for sending those they

did not go to waste I know you're

probably watching this video like what I

just say her all these things and now

she's not using it they're still being

used some students still have them

they're gonna be used they're gonna be

loved and appreciated so thank you so

much for sending those all right back

into path Laura explaining things and

again before I even jump into anything

else I'm sorry is this gonna be a little

rambley I'm gonna try to go through it

this is the fourth time that I've sat

down to record this and I I don't know I

just I'm gonna try to like summarize it

a little bit more cuz the last few times

it's done way too much so let's just

jump into it then um so like I said a

little bit of background I have taught

in a first grade a second grade two

years in fourth grade in this current

school year I taught in a second grade

ma kindergarten classroom so just a

little background of like how long I've

been teaching so about four years um if

you've been following my channel then

you know that the

last summer I moved from Tallahassee

Florida to South Florida and I started

any new school the school itself was

just a kind of tough situation to come

into I didn't really feel welcomed by

colleagues by administration by parents

I was put in a second grade classroom

that was the accelerated classroom so I

was basically told I had to take gifted

online courses that were like college

classes at the same time as teaching

full-time so that was a lot of stress on

me everything was different not only

switching from fourth grade to second

grade but the rules at the school are

completely different expectations just

everything was new and it was not

explained to me I everyone just kind of

looked at me and assumed oh she's been

teaching for a couple years like she she

knows the drill I'm not gonna explain

things to her and that was not the case

I needed explanation everything was new

to me and I had only really been at the

same school for previous to that I had

subbed at many multiple schools but it's

different subbing day to day than it is

being full-time in a classroom um so I

was very stressed out from all the work

that I had to do and just adjusting to

new life new rules new way of working

like I said parents were not supportive

whatsoever I was questioned constantly

daily in fact sometimes multiple times a

day and it was not done in a respectful

way it was done in a very nasty cruel

almost harassing way I would say and

instead of my administration now being

supportive in the situation and backing

me up they chose to just move me to get

hurt in it but you'll kind of see on my

channel I was so stressed out from all

this like I was losing hair and losing

sleep and like you'll see if you scroll

back in my channel I had like all these

high hopes like I was moving to new

school I started out on my channel like

I had all my moving stuff I packed up my

classroom and then I had vlogs going

into me setting up my classroom and then


and then the next video see is hey guys

I'm in kindergarten now and the reason

being is because of all these reasons

that I've said you know I was so

stressed out it was not good

just in fear to go to work so like I

said I moved into a kindergarten

classroom I was kind of led to believe

that I would have like an ideal kind of

classroom all kids around the same like

learning abilities all kids pretty much

good behaviors so I was like okay I'll

do it that was not the case I was misled

I had some pretty severe behaviors and

like any good teacher I went to

administration for support and I was not

giving it I was kind of from then on

treated like a pariah I was I feel like

I was excommunicated you know like they

just like looked at me like she'll deal

with it and when I asked for help

multiple times like they would take like

I'd be buzzing down to the office asking

for help and like someone would wait ten

minutes to show up and I was like what

am I supposed to do you know and so

that's ten minutes wasted of my teaching

time that I could have been moving on

with the rest of my class and whatever

and so I just wasn't supportive

whatsoever and it got to the point where

you know I I asked for the students to

be removed from my classroom that was

having the most severe behavior issues

that student was not the only but he had

the most severe I asked actually asked

about three days into having the student

in my classroom and they completely

denied it they were like no by Eltham

Utley asked again and they said no and

so I went to the Union and got their

help and from then on I was like not

welcomed in that front office like my

principal went from being like a nice

kind lady to being like I don't want to

talk to you type of person and it's like

just even the tone of her voice was rude

to me and I was like in shock I was

stressed out from that because I like

literally never even one to go check my

mailbox because I had to go into the

office to do it my students in my

classroom we're stressing me out

I could not teach and the whole point of

me teaching was to help kids grow and

learn and I wasn't able to do that I on

top of it moved to kindergarten so

that's basically me moving from fourth

grade to kindergarten that's like four

grade levels it's insane to me

it was just too much it really was and I

was not given any support none none and

they can try to say if they ever find

this video they can try to like comment

on it and say that they did they did not

they did not okay to sum it up um it got

to the point where I was in that

classroom for one was it hooked with it

October yeah

like beginning of October end of

September beginning of October until

December and I just I couldn't take it

anymore so I sent my resignation letter

and I had to leave just for my mental

health I had to do it I'm not packing my

classroom leaving and so you're probably

thinking what am i doing now and if you

watched my last video where I talk about

my new year's goals then you know that

I'm kind of just looking for a new

passion now it's not to say that I'm not

gonna teach in the future I don't know

what my future holds I may end up

teaching next school year I may end up

taking a break for five years I don't

know we'll just kind of have to see

where life takes me um so just kind of

to sum everything up I hope you guys are

able to respect my decision I hope you

guys are able to understand where I'm

coming from and be supportive on this

decision and if you're a teacher know

your rights go to the Union if you're in

a similar situation to me and you're

like I can't make it through the school


contact your Union if you have one and

find out your rights because you

probably have a lot more rights than you

thought you did so I'm gonna go ahead

and end it here if you've ever been in

this situation or something similar I'd

love to hear about it leave it in the

comments below or if you just want to

leave you a supportive message because I

need it right now leave me a comment go

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