Teaching: Pro’s and Cons of Starting in the Mid Year

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hi everyone welcome to teaching wiki's

my name is Luo Kia and I am your host

this is a new channel so welcome thank

you so much for joining me today

I decided to start my youtube channel

yes I'm a little nervous so bear with me

because this is my first official

YouTube teacher so I just wanna let you

know I graduated from Georgia State

University in 2018 December 2018 so it

was a short time ago and the biggest

question that me and my friends had was

should we start right away

should we graduate in December and

literally start in January

however I decided to start in January it

was a great decision for me because I

love my school I love my principal I

love everything about it

however there are some pros and some

cons to starting the year the reason why

I decided to do this video is because

with that question lingering sometimes I

feel like I could have taken a break and

it would probably would've helped me a

little bit more so I just wanted to put

this video out there for that one person

that is still thinking like should year

is this what I need to do so I wanted to

stay all the pros and the cons that I

found starting me here so though the pro

first pro I would say is majority of the

work is done

on one second I'm just gonna say that

again majority of the work is done that

is a pro however there is somehow

efforts to that but let's just go I'm

the pros we just don't go we're gonna

focus on the pros so first and foremost

majority of the work is done meaning the

curriculum majority of the standards

have been taught now you're just

expanding on those standards and also

you are taking their prior knowledge and

you're expanding on that also as well

which is a good thing the teacher before

already did that

somewhat quote-unquote so stay hang in

tight for that way Pro number two school

is almost like you start in gene where a

majority of the major breaks have

already gone and you have a well for

Georgia yeah a couple of one breaks to

go and then you got um summer break so

school is almost over so that's a plus

another Pro is that you gain experience

you gain a lot of experience a lot of

things that you needed to learn your

first year you will learn during your

first mid year if you do it I'm saying

your first half of the year because

you'll have to do things quickly because

you don't have really that training

period that you would get in your first

ten days of school if you are doing if

you are majoring in early childhood

education you would definitely know your

first ten days of school is very well

you need it you really really need it

because that's the part that gives you

all the training however when you jump

right into it a lot of times you gain


and things happen that would not have

happened during that first ten days and

you won't learn it so the end of the

school year anyway yeah so that would be

it for the pros Oh

another Pro is you have a job a new

opportunity you start a new job so

that's really really good that's a pro

so another pro is now especially for

those that were working like a

nine-to-five our Levy's you are now on

salary so yeah your pain goes up it does

but however the pay could be a con

because you're starting the year

teachers get paid per day so in a year

in for a year in Georgia is one hundred

and ninety days but if you start in the

mid year you're only getting pay for 86

days so if you got paid $200 a day you

will only begin $200 a day for 86 days

compared to $200 a day for a hundred at

night I know when you look at that

teachers pay scale you're like yes

you're so excited but once you get to

orientation they'll kind of blow that

for you so another con

hmm you gotta go in he kind of got a

picture class because we gotta remember

as teachers everyone teaching methods

are totally different the way you want

like even the style of a classroom is

totally different for each teacher so

for me I wanted to make sure the kids

felt who I was so I made sure I like

rearranged I decorated I did a lot and I

set a lot of expectations for my

students I'm excited that they were able

to grasp it I guess that's a problem

however it took a lot of work to fix the

class in it took a lot of work to mould

the class to fit my expectations

oh no it took a lot and still to this

day when I go back to school I still

feel like I need rest

teaching is a total lifestyle like

people don't understand I come home and

I'm so exhausted I'm like so ready to

just hit my bed it's so hard to like go

to the gym which I'm about to do now but

it's just really really hard it's a

lifestyle change you have to get ready

to be available all the time which is

very very hard because it doesn't stop

you don't stop being the teacher once

you reach home you got a lot of parents

that want to call you you got great

papers you gotta get ready for the next

you gotta remember what you're going to

you know talk about your lessons you got

a plan lessons it's a lot it's a lot

it's a lifestyle change so I would say

if I could talk to my graduating self

when I was graduating

instead of going head over hills and

trying to become a teacher really fast I

really wish I could take a resting

period I am thankful that I did jump

right into it because now I know what

I'm gonna get myself into

compared to starting off for a new next

year and not really knowing but yeah

that no resting period it is it is hard

so the advice that I would give to

someone that starting mid-year always

understand and know your life understand

and know your life people are going to

definitely look at you like why are you

teaching like that what are you doing

how does this work why does this work

with your class but it doesn't work with

mine oh why are you doing this no no

you're why I don't care what lesson it

is if you know you're why then the kids

are going to get it if you can tell them

why they're learning something or you

know deep inside I have to teach this

this way because this is my wife this is

my purpose and you're passionate about

that lesson regardless of what anyone

has to say teach it teach it you have no

idea like how much I have seen my babies

grow over only three months I've been

teaching them since January it is now

April and

they have grown so much so so much

however I just want you to know that if

you're starting right here know your y

know those strategies that you learned

in school is going to work they work

however don't allow people to put doubt

in your mind because they will don't I

tried it out before but don't give up so

number two piece of ice don't give up

don't ever give up whatever you want to

do put it in place don't give up on it

it might look messy at the beginning but

don't give up you got it

the third piece of advice would

definitely be stay in your own get to

know you and what you want your

classroom to look like what do you want

to put in place what is your actions the

good thing is since you're starting mate

year you can make mistakes because you

know awful sorry

so right now you get to mold and you

can't put in place what you want and be

okay with making those mistakes it's

spoiled by your principal your new he's

gonna spoil you where she's gonna spoil

you because they want to make sure you

become the teacher they want you to be

there's a difference like they they know

since you're getting out of school

you're just getting out of school

they're like okay she's just graduating

she's gonna do everything we ask her to

do so right now soak it up because

yeah third year my by you know what to

do you know so just soak it up soak up

all the love all the attention that you

can get another thing I would say is

definitely a Miss register I still keep

in touch with my past mentor teachers

oh but also at your school find someone

that you you see what they're doing here

you see that they're passionate about

what they're doing and actually mimic

what they're doing kind of and just um

take all the knowledge you could from

your mentor teacher and yeah get to know

you get to know you will be my best my

other piece of advice and the type of

teacher you want to be yeah of course

about them give them a hug I know some

of the kids are bad yeah so my kids are

journey sorry kids if you're watching us

but yeah they know they'd be like Miss

Brown loves us it showed them you love

do not not your money classrooms get so

expensive I spent so much money on my

class but I'm here when you graduate you

need to take advantage of graduation so

all of your graduation gifts need to be

something that's on Amazon lakeshore

all of that like it needs to be on all

that because they have to buy you like

everything on paper like I spent like

yeah about 200 yeah my classroom I have

a lot of things I'm definitely gonna let

you guys see my classroom my classroom

is very very nice so I'm gonna load that

video up so mom when is she still

talking but I wish you guys all the love

all the miracles and blessings and don't

be scared don't be nervous to start

meeting here however I jumped into it I

can do it you can do it but if you

decide to relax at 2 however being a

teacher is one of the best in the most

rewarding job rewarding jobs I can say I

have you touched so many lives in your

life and you don't even understand how

you're like really teaching a child to

become an individual and that's just so

amazing this one thank you guys for

tuning in if you have any questions or

comments leave them below we'll

definitely answer and I'm so ready to

start this journey Oh press the red

button thank you so much for tuning into

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