Athletes and Mental Health: The Hidden Opponent | Victoria Garrick | TEDxUSC

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you have to beat a team lift at 6:00

a.m. but you're accidently one minute

late because you slept through your

alarm your heart's pounding from

sprinting to the gym but nobody cares

that it's because you were up until 2:00

a.m. studying for an exam that you still

don't feel prepared for you can feel the

tension between you and your teammates

who now to run sprints tomorrow at 6

a.m. because you were one minute late

you start the lift and your mind's just

not in the right place but it doesn't

matter you have to lift and as soon as

it's over you scarf down breakfast on

your way to 8:00 a.m. class and you get

there and your hair's still wet because

you didn't have time to dry it the

professor looks you and says where's the

homework assignment but you forgot it

how could you forget it you are supposed