When To Quit A Sport

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what's up guys it's Johnny candida of

Candida training HQ and today I just

want to talk to you guys about a

question I've been asked and it was when

to quit a sport and I think this is a

very interesting question because I know

I have a lot of younger viewers who are

probably into school sports and this is

something that I just feel like is

misrepresented as far as how people have

an attitude towards it people act like

quitting is something that's inherently

bad the reason why I think that this can

be such a big problem is that odds are

you won't find what you're best at until

you try different things and this

pertains to anything in life but if you

just stick with one sport just because

you happen to be in that from the

beginning you're essentially becoming

the victim of your circumstances rather

than actually finding where your natural

talent is however there is a balance

because you don't want to quit too early

and that's often the temptation when it

comes to sports so I'll just give myself

as an example I started playing

basketball when I was in third grade and

I wanted to quit right away and my dad

basically forced me not to quit and you

know this may be seen as not a smart

decision to force your kid to play a

sport but it did pay off in the long run

because I just wanted to quit probably

for the wrong reasons

so I ended up playing basketball all the

way up to high school and in the

meantime I tried football and track as

well out of all those track was my best

sport so come senior year of high school

I had to decide whether I was going to

just stop competing in track and stop

being an athlete in general or if I

wanted to continue in college it was

actually my brother who convinced me to

keep competing and track in college he

was a track athlete as well in he was

two years older than me so he really

strongly advised me to do this and had I

quit I really probably would have

stopped working out altogether maybe

just a little bit on the side but it

definitely would have negatively

affected my life but then a couple years

into college I quit track and this

turned out to be a great decision and

the reason being was it was conflicting

with powerlifting because obviously I'm

not going to be able to maximally

perform at my best in either one of

those sports but actually ended up

happening is I literally almost got

kicked off my track team because I was

doing my own programming as far as

lifting weights so now you're probably

wondering how do you know for sure if

you should quit or if you should just

keep going and in my opinion that answer

is very simple the moment when you're

continuing a sport impedes

other opportunities that you would

rather pursue that is when you quit that

sport I told you is going to be a simple

concept and you might just think well

that's common sense but when it comes to

actually applying it I see a lot of

people make mistakes because what a lot

of people do is they quit a sport just

because they're not having fun for a

short period of time perhaps they had a

bad year or a bad month or maybe even

just a bad competition and that's not a

good reason to quit you should quit when

you're literally preventing yourself

from doing something greater

just by boxing yourself into a sport

that you already are competing it I'll

give you guys an example let's say

you're five foot five and you really

enjoy football but you're told you're

too small let's say you're 114 pounds

now you can fight through this and I

actually do encourage you to build up

toughness that you fight through this

improve people wrong it can be done

however let's say you reach your limits

and you just realize you know you're not

having fun even though this is a sport

you enjoy it's just so tough you're a

bench player and your coaches telling

you not to quit and every day you're

just thinking why wasn't I born taller

why aren't I just built bigger so I can

compete with these guys but in the

meantime let's say you join the

wrestling team a couple years ago and

you happen to be built perfectly for it

and you're very naturally talented in my

opinion that's the type of scenario

where that person just needs to quit

football and do what they're naturally

talented at pursue wrestling to the best

of their abilities I know some people

say that you should just follow what you

enjoy to do rather than focusing on what

you're talented at and personally I

disagree with this for most scenarios

because usually you'll simply enjoy what

you do what you originally get into and

if you gave another sport a shot then

you would enjoy that as well and if

you're better at it you probably enjoyed

even more so it's imperative in my

opinion not just to value the sports

that you enjoy but sports that you're

actually enjoying at the moment in your

given scenario if you aren't playing if

you're on the bench you should just quit

that sport I'm going to be honest I

think that that's the stupidest thing to

be a bench player who never plays for a

sport I did that for a while in

basketball and that was the biggest

waste of my time and I honestly regret

it not only is putting the organization

of the school above yourself silly in a

scenario where you're just supposed to

have fun but it also can lower your

self-esteem because now you're used to

being a bench player you think of

yourself as less than

those people you think this is where you

deserve to be I know some people

disagree with that but in my opinion if

you're not helping people in a

meaningful way

which sports just isn't doing that's

charity work that's something meaningful

or if you're not having fun for yourself

then you should just stop doing whatever

it is you're doing that's it guys that's

just my opinion thanks for watching make

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