I needed a new start || Quitting College Sports Led to New Dreams

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so this is a video about me wait for it

check out right there that's me you

might be wondering why is this guy

writing in a journal it'll all come


later on anyways I really really don't

want to sound like a in this video

but I'm probably gonna sound like a

in this video let me tell you

something about myself I'm 22 years old

it's day 25 of you know not November and

it's hitting me perfect pretty hard one

year away from graduating and I often

find myself thinking what the am i

doing alright let's take it back a step

because I'm getting angst but I'm not

gonna lie to y'all I did have a script

written out for this video and it was

the most cringe of all time it was

so sad boy and I could not afford to get

featured on that's cringe welcome back

to that cringe yeah that let's roll

it back alright even further than that

let's throw it wait wait yes the good

old days back when Jesus was my Savior

and all I wanted was one thing


and a young Shawn just

Paul Rodriguez this kid is not scared of

getting into the paint and elevating

Shawn banks it in hi Landers te 19 to 16


this one Rodriguez doing it all this

time on the assist Alina Bona comment

Piedmont win 70 the 47 you know that

saying all good things must come to an

end it seems like basketball was coming

too which left me feeling very very lost

damn but wait before you judge me let me

give you some perspective I was that kid

who captioned their pictures of all his

life so I was in there dinging but

that's enough dwelling on the part you

might be wondering what in God's name

was the point of that Journal well this

journal symbolizes a journey that's

cringe it it embodies both my old



and my new ones


writing in that journal made me realize

I had to end one turn to start the next

a message from your Creator your Creator

the secret no okay me me I just finished

editing the video I don't know how I

managed to make it so dramatic but

a baby we're keeping it that way we're

wrong with that I don't know what else

to say