Quitting your job to become self employed, what is it like?

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what's up everybody it is a good

afternoon right now we got a lot of work

done throughout the day currently about

12:30 I actually didn't even go to the

gym today which is kind of surprising

because we've been grinding lately it

was actually really sore I've been in a

caloric deficit to like 1,700 calories a

day and I did a lot of cardio and

calisthenics yesterday I woke up I did

some things here at the house actually

did a little workout stuff so I mean I

did workout this morning but I was

really eager to get started on the day

get started on the work load for today

getting some projects out of the way and

also getting ready to do some taxes it

is that time of the year where we have

to get all the the tax stuff ready so I

can bring it to my accountant and we can

figure out everything to do with that

for those that do not know if you're

just new to this channel I have been

self-employed have my own design

business a freelance design business and

now also videography business for just

over three years now I actually went

freelance three years ago this month

I'll be putting out a video more in

depth about that but what I figured that

I've never really talked about it's just

my experience with leaving the job like

I've told you about it and I'm going to

tell you more about it but I've never

actually like what's it like what what

is it like leaving your job to pursue

something you want to do it's just crazy


yeah I know that doesn't look too

appetizing some lettuce almonds hot

sauce and ranch it's actually not too

bad and I made my apple cider vinegar

shot my gosh today went down what I did

today I have the two tablespoons in a

cup poured just a little bit of water in

there and I had a shot of lemon juice on

the side a lot of health benefits

actually then I've been reading into

more with the apple cider vinegar let me

input my calories real quick while I'm

thinking of it because then I will

forget as we dive in today's video I

wanted to address something that people

are going to ask it's like a common

thing that I get asked when this when do

you know you're ready to leave your job

right I want to make a whole entire

video in itself about this so be sure to

subscribe to our other notifications to

see when that goes live on this channel

if it is already live I will try my best

to link it in the comments down below so

that way you can like watch this video

me like okay I can go watch that video I

will briefly say that I really didn't

follow the norm of when people typically

leave their job like saving up X amount

of money or doing their craft for X

Mountain time I really was to the point

where I seriously I don't think you guys

understand how much I hated my job my

life the people that were around me and

you know at work and everything and I

just I really took a big chance and the

reason I want to talk about that is I

don't want to encourage you guys to do

it I think it comes down to how some

people are but like my kind of human

survival nature really kicked in when

that happened you know me taking the

opportunity to take a chance at that I

was just like full-bore trying to learn

how to do this and like really taking in

every opportunity that I have now over

the course of three years I've had many

ups and downs I've had some scary scary

moments right and they all have come

down to my personal bad decision making

in time words come to a point where I

have put myself in a position or I was

in a position to be in a scary moment

like oh man maybe I should get another

job or maybe I shouldn't go back to

working full-time any reason that's

happened has come down to me and my poor

decision makings at that time mostly due


not working enough or pushing myself out

there or just not listening to other

people around me on things that I I

should probably do be a business wise

right the biggest suggestion that I got

to give you guys if you ever want to go

freelance if you ever want to leave your

job to do and pursue what you want to do

really take the advice of those that are

around you that are actually doing what

they're doing you don't go to the gym

necessarily most the time unless you

know somebody's got the credentials and

just listen to overweight people about

how to lose weight right no different in

most situations if if somebody is still

in school or still working that job that

they hate you're not really gonna take

advice from them on how to leave your

job because they've never done it right

so that that's like one thing that I

really started doing that that was one

thing I certainly experienced things I

really started soaking in all this

knowledge and suggestions from people

that hadn't made it that have done well

some people that at the time I really

didn't care for I I thought like where I

was on social media and everything that

these were just people that I just had

no care to listen to what they have to

say and then I found out wow these are

really intellectual people I can really

learn a lot from them so one of my

biggest experiences with me leaving my

job is definitely understanding that I

don't know it all that things don't go

completely according to plan so just

always be ready always be ready to

figure out what's next and be pushing

one of my worst experiences being

freelance was giving a huge project

right and really dragging that out like

really living off the momentum of that

and I've really gotten in a habit of

just like trying to harness these these

projects that I do nowadays and just

okay done our way let's let's go to the

next one let's get another big project

that used to be such a sin for me when I

first started this it would it would be

like you know I'd get that thousand

dollar project and I try to drag it out

because it is a big project it does take

a while and sometimes you get them done

a little faster than expected and that's

kind of a key experience that I've gone

through is just you know I would get

those big projects and maybe I would get

it done in four weeks instead of eight

weeks and then next thing you know I

would still drag out the timeframe of me

going out there and kind of Huff's

for more projects I would drag that out

for eight weeks where in reality after

four weeks of when it was done it should

be like okay time to move on it doesn't

matter that like the pay of the project

and my bills and the way I live is taken

care of for this amount of time like I

need to get ahead like I guess that's a

big suggestion that I always want to

give you guys as always be looking

forward really try to get ahead in the

situation you know don't ever really get

too comfortable and hot-headed on a big

project that you're working on because

there's a lot of other ones out there

and you can get held back really


another big experience of mine as I go

into the world of real ants and having

my own job and whatnot it definitely was

gauging a respect and understanding fine

I've talked about that in the video

before but it's it's very big importance

into doing this type of y'all need

a respect time like I had that job to

where I had to be up at you know 3:30 4

o'clock whatever certain times of the

day for X amount of time and you know

clocked in clocked out at a certain time

and I had to do this and that a certain

time and like I would daydream about

having my own job because I'd be like I

don't I could sleep into this time and

that and everything and the thing is is

like reality is you need to have a lot

of respect for time like just for an

example one of the small

misunderstandings that people think is I

just need to get X amount of hours of

work done in a day but what they don't

realize is depending where you are

depending on you your customers are that

X amount of hours could really be

different based on what you want to do

like I can tell you 100% I benefit a lot

more when I wake up earlier like I get

to talk to customers more I get to

respond to customers faster

I get to get work done and out for the

day and again like I know people look at

it as like well I could stay up till

2:00 in the morning you know I mean and

work while you're sleeping which I

understand what you're trying to say but

that doesn't necessarily mean that the

customers that you are trying to reach

are going to be up that late wanting to

work with when I left my job I was used

to waking up early and I kind of kept

that routine but there for a while I

started sleeping in till like noon or so

and staying up late at night and what I

would start to realize is that a lot of

the customers that I was trying to talk

to they were about to get off you know

when I was just getting on for the day

so I didn't have much time to you know

contact and interact with them

throughout the early morning of my day

if I was waking up late where I found

myself getting into a common trend of

missing a lot of conversations because

basically customers would be up and

starting their day while I was asleep by

the way I started feeling really

guilty for not actually physically going

to the gym today I'm still honest - sore

from when I even did at the house this

morning but heading to the gym now to at

least get a quick half hour just half

hour that's it that's all I'm gonna put

in maybe even 20 minutes cardio I don't

want to over do it while I'm in such a

caloric deficit I'm only having 1,700

calories a day like I'm not trying to

just completely diminish all my game and

we're waiting on this right now

wonderful we have to make it quick we've

got to make a quick detour first because

the truck is dirty what an exhilarating

moment Curtis I need you in the video

again oh yeah let's do a little

interview what do you do for the

participation trophies yeah yeah they

say all you showed up and you got first

that's a little guy out front okay so

you gotta have the big ones today

today's video is all my experience

leaving my job to like do my own thing

yeah so the background they get done

there I know you could wake up at like

noon if you really wanted to everyday

yeah but you still choose I mean I can

get up a noon say it work from noon to

8:00 and I still try to put in eight

hours a day I guess what's your biggest

experience doing your own job I mean the

artist part would be being

self-motivated to get up yeah eight

hours you know that's true so where

there's not like oh I gotta be at work

at a and clock in time there's

there's nobody holding you accountable

but yourselves you actually you are like

self employed for a little bit and then

in for two years and then I found Java

on that I worked there for two years and

now I'm back to Ryan

and it's been a year since I left office

so so yeah I guess I guess that it is

something that so basically what you're

trying to say if you if you were to help

anybody to make the decision to become

freelance it's like like you have to at

least make the decision to do everything

on a daily basis right you have to be

self driven like nobody motivated you to

do the work like you just so you really

need to respect the craft in itself like

whatever you're doing right I guess that

makes sense because there's like a lot

of people that are like all what I do is

kind of like a joke or what I'm like

especially with what I do I make freakin

designs for gamers you know many people

are like oh serious well it makes me a

lot of money so I get that all the time

they're like oh that's how you do for a

living it's like yeah and like all your

wife doesn't work no she's at home on

like oh why yeah that's I guess that's

view I guess that's the biggest thing is

like which it is let me feel make a big

deal about it and I guess it didn't pick

me I'll never think about it that much

but it is kind of a big deal that I'm

able to replace her income and write off

of what you do and you just one bought

of 2018 trucks that's something really

poor big deal perfect timing to talk

about this today I just wanted to send

you off with just a final cap and just

like the overall experience of me

leaving my job ups and downs guys a lot

of things are gonna be out of your

control I can't tell you a point where

it's just like you make decisions it's

where it's like yeah now you know

there's like there's no right time with

a lot of this stuff just like even

honestly having a job that you work

under somebody else like you you know

like a full-time job for a factory or

something like you honestly don't know

what the ups and downs are gonna be a

factory can just go under in a day

something can happen in my line of

business in a day

we're just it crushes what we're able to

do so a big thing I would always say is

just really keep pushing to better

yourself and experience whatever you can

experience I think that's the real magic

behind this it's not like oh me being

able to do whatever the hell I want me

being able to make the money that I want

or whatever me it's more of like what

else can I learn what what what else can

I push myself to do me leaving my job

gave me a lot of confidence not just in

work but in life period so that's my

experience hope it works out for

something you guys do