THAT'S IT, I QUIT: How to Quit Your Job!

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Hello everyone, my name is Andrew, also known as gunnarolla of youtube. Now before I decided

to pursue the life of a rich and famous YouTuber... I'll let you know when I get there, I, like

many of you watching, once had a full-time, stable, respectable, traditional, "real" job...

working for the man. Not being sexist. Literally, a man ran the company. Of course, I had to

leave that job to pursue what I'm doing now so I thought today I'd take you through the

steps of how to quit your job.

Step number one: Make sure you really want to quit. It's a tough world out there, and

although there is no such thing as job security, you want to make sure you can always afford

the basic necessities of life... like toilet paper. Been without it; not good.

So why might you want to quit a job? Well maybe you've realized that there are no opportunities

for advancement or professional development. Maybe your job description has changed to

something you're not comfortable with. Oftentimes if you are striped of responsibilities, it's

a sign that the company you're working for doesn't know what to do with you, or has other

devious plans.

Maybe the company you're working for is restructuring or downsizing. Change is normal in any company

but if you go through a long period of instability, you may want to get out ahead. Maybe you got

another opportunity, or you realized that you want to do something completely different,

or maybe you're part of a toxic work environment. If you are getting into frequent disputes

with your coworkers, management, or clients and it's causing you a lot of undue stress,

it might be time for a change.

Once you've identified the reasons why you want to quit, think about whether or not you