How to End a Relationship the Right Way

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hi I'm Matt Terrell of uncommon

knowledge and hypnosis downloads calm

and welcome to how to end a relationship

the right way seven steps to minimize

the pain of breaking up with someone I

overheard this interchange the other day

and it was a a woman breaking up with a

man in a public place and she said I'm

sorry I don't think this is working it's

not you it's me

I'm just not ready to be in a

relationship at the moment and his

expanse was explosive

and he said but you told me you loved me

he screamed that we had a future

together now I wasn't so much

eavesdropping as being involuntarily

catapulted into this center of someone

else's relationship Armageddon

you know this is in a public space I

happened to be there for one thing I