How to Leave Your Real Estate Brokerage

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hi I'm Sean Reynolds the owner of summer

properties Northwest and Reynolds of

Klein appraisal and this is kind of a

quick recruiting video it's on the topic

of recruiting so brokers move around

fairly often from one brokerage to

another and so you might find yourself

in a situation where you found your next

brokerage how do you have that talk with

your managing broker of I am leaving you

here that I'm going to go to work there

what does that look like and that's what

this video is going to be about so the

first thing I recommend doing is having

a personal conversation if at all


yeah maybe that's over the telephone but

preferably go in and see your broker

it's good to have that kind of eye to

eye contact and what was hopefully a

decent relationship you had with your

your managing broker and so when you

either talk to them or talk to a person

what I would recommend is just go at

brutal honesty hey these are the things

I'm not getting these are the things I'm

looking for this is the reason I'm

making a move just be honest with them

because that's the feedback that I like

to hear how can I improve my company so

that people don't leave and then what

are other people doing out there that

brokers are moving gravitating towards

so along the lines of the brutal honesty

approach managing brokers have a million

things that they do each day they have

emails they have text they have phone

calls just stuff going on so they don't

have a lot of time for chitchat

and so get right into the fact hey I am

going to be leaving your firm because of

this and they will appreciate that and I

know it's a super hard thing to do

because nobody wants to let other people

down and you kind of feel like you're

letting somebody down in this situation

but managing brokers are business people

and they're used to having even brokers

come in when they're used to having

brokers go out it happens all the time

it's part of doing business but having a

quick conversation with them just let

them know why you're doing what you're

doing and things will be okay and

hopefully they won't be too upset though

they're going to be disappointed nobody

likes to lose a broker and you want to

know what you can do better but

sometimes there's an opportunity that

you've got to

take elsewhere so I'm going to do it

just being honest with your broker and

have that talk so giving you're managing

broker enough time to kind of react and

come up with a game plan for your exit

helps out a lot so if you tell them on a

Friday ham out of here over the weekend

that's pretty quick notice to react

because you're managing broker typically

has somebody who goes online and

releases you from the MLS and also

releases you from the state roster it

takes a little bit of effort

coordination so give your managing

broker enough lead time and I'm going to

say a handful of days at the minimum of

maybe a week to let everybody have

enough time for transition and so a big

part of having this talk is that you

have kind of made all the preparations

to make this move you're moving on to a

new brokerage and so a lot of that

entails do you have any transactions

going on do you have any listings that

might get kind of messed up making this

move it's best to have all your business

taken care of and have kind of wait for

that lull downtown where you don't have

anything going on maybe you've got a

listing coming up but you can do that in

the next brokerage but make it at a time

where you don't have a ton of things

that could go sideways on you for either

you the old brokerage for the new

brokerage do it during a quick downtime

and then hustle on to your new broker

get a date on your calendar that you're

gonna have a talk with your managing

broker so that you can line up

everything that you need to have done by

then where all your listings taken care

of do you have new buyers or you're

going to be working with hold off doing

any new business until you've had that

talk by putting it on your calendar

you'll know when you need to have

everything done by and then you can have

a smooth transition on to the next

brokerage so what can you expect after

you've had to talk with your existing

broker that your license is sitting with

now so a couple of things will happen

your soon-to-be old broker will release

you from a state level that's in Olympia

so they go online and release you there

and then your new brokerage will hook

you up online and send you an invitation

that you need to accept so that all

happens either trying to create the

state level with Olympia

and the next step is to get you off of

your old roster and then hooked up into

the new roster of your new brokerage

that also happens electronically so your

old brokerage will need to take you off

of their roster and a new brokerage will

need to put you on so you've got to kind

of have the talk with your broker but

then also know that you need to have a

few things lined up with your new

brokerage they need to be ready to bring

you in and make these transitions happen

so then you don't have a ton of downtime

and you can continue operating your real

estate business your managing broker is

going to appreciate the fact that number

one you've been honest you've prepared

and you've given everybody enough time

to kind of get this all done without

dropping a bombshell on them hey I'm

leaving tomorrow I'm out of here that's

not the way you want to do it give them

enough time to react and everybody will

have just a much smoother and easier