The Crew 2 Quit Button - How to quit

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hey everyone welcome back for more of

the crew - so while the game is

literally huge it can be a little bit

confusing in terms of how you do things

in the game and one of the items that's

a little well hidden is the quick button

or how to quit in various different

scenarios in the game so I'm going to

cover how to quit from free roam and

events so that you can get out of both

if you feel like either things are not

going your way or you just want to do

something completely different so

firstly you've got free roam so here I

am in the Grand Canyon just having a

nice little look around but how do I get

out of this what about what do I do now

there is one option that is from the

options menu you can go into activities

and you can select something else to do

so you could go into street racing shoes

choose drift and then choose one of the

drift events and just go in and take

that on and that would be a way to get

out of the free roam however it's not

the best way the best way is simply to

pull up the interactive map and on the

ps4 you do that with the touch button in

the middle of the controller and

suddenly in the map and that's the end

of free roam now you can get back to

free roam relatively easy by just

pressing circle but when you're in the

map from here you can pretty much choose

and select anything that you want to do

so if you want to go to HQ is relatively

easy you can go home and you can get

into different events and different

challenges if you're not playing the

game on a ps4 though you go into the

options tab and move on over to mapping

to have a look where your map button is

and that will again be the way that you

quit free roam well that's pretty useful

in itself the likelihood is that you

probably want to quit events when you're

partway through and things go a little

bit sideways and you want to start again

or bla bla bla bla so I'm gonna kick

into an event now and show you how to

quit it so I'm currently doing one of

the boat races on Lake Mead Hoover Dam

and to be honest my boat just isn't

strong enough to keep up with everybody

else so I need to kind of update it a

little bit my my level on the speedboat

isn't high enough to be able to like

keep me in the mix even

when I'm using my nitrous and kind of

racing as well as I can so instead of

wasting lots of time in this event I

want to quit and move on to something

else and to do that on the ps4 it's

simply a case of clicking on the

triangle and so you've got two buttons

that you can go for you can either retry

the event and say you've got partway

through an event you doing pretty well

but somehow you take a wrong turn and

you know you can do better next time so

you can retry it relatively easily

however if you just want to quit you

click on the abort button hold down X

and that will eventually abort the event

and you'll find yourself back in free

roam however if you're not playing this

on the ps4 you can again come to this

mapping tab and what you're looking for

is the tool menu button so you can see

there it's triangle on the ps4 clearly

says tour menu next to it so you're

looking for the button that also says

tour menu you'll bring that up partway

through the race and then you can click

down to either retry or abort the

mission so you'll click on that to bring

up the menu to either retry or abort the

race and that's it guys that's how to

quit here in the crew - hopefully it

helps you out and if it does smash that

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