The Crew 2 Quit Button - How to quit

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hey everyone welcome back for more of

the crew - so while the game is

literally huge it can be a little bit

confusing in terms of how you do things

in the game and one of the items that's

a little well hidden is the quick button

or how to quit in various different

scenarios in the game so I'm going to

cover how to quit from free roam and

events so that you can get out of both

if you feel like either things are not

going your way or you just want to do

something completely different so

firstly you've got free roam so here I

am in the Grand Canyon just having a

nice little look around but how do I get

out of this what about what do I do now

there is one option that is from the

options menu you can go into activities

and you can select something else to do

so you could go into street racing shoes