How to Force Quit a Program in Windows 10

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Hey welcome to house a channel in

today's lesson you will learn how to

force quit a program in Windows 10 let's

do it we are going to show you how to

force quit Google Chrome browser go to

Cortana search line and type command

prompt click on it to open type task

list command and press Enter you will

get a list of running apps look for the

app you need Chrome in our case each app

has a console code type command ta SK

kil for it slash F for it / PID and add

a code for the app for 800 for us and

then end the command with Ford slash T

press ENTER you will see the success

message our Chrome is closed another way

is to use task manager again we will use

Chrome press control-shift escape on

your keyboard to open the task manager

make sure your on process tab scroll and

look for the app you need we need Chrome