Xbox One - How to Quit Games and Apps

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yo what's going on YouTube and welcome

back to another Xbox one video so I'm

just putting this together to give you a

really quick tip on something that might

not be the obvious um the ability to

actually quit or manually close apps now

bear in mind right now if you launch a

game when you press the nexus button or

the Guide button then it will jump back

to the dashboard you can open something

else and then if you go back to it

you'll resume it that obviously only

minimizes it doesn't actually quit it

and there may be occasions for example

if you want to a refresher game to do a

like a check for DLC you just bought

something or you know something like

that if you want to manually close again

then what you need to do if you go to

the dashboard and you hover over the

active tile that's the massive tile so

you can see for example I've got you

know Killer Instinct running and if you

press the menu button now that's what

used to be the start button the one with

the three lines if you press the menu

button it will bring up the context menu

and you'll see the if you scroll down

you can have quit this app or quit this

game and that is basically how you quit

it because what it will then do is it

will force close it and you'll see that

it will return to a kind of tile and

then once you click on it it will then

start up as if you just launched it for

the first time so yeah that's basically

what it was I just want to show you how

to force quit or forced or manually

closed applications just in case you

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