63. JOptionPane: Terminate your program completely with System.exit() - Learn Java

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okay I'm hello everyone I hope you're

all doing well okay so this was our last

program using dialog boxes to be

specific the G option pain class so

let's just quickly go through it to see

what it does so basically we imported

the German pain class over here and we

called the G ocean pain that show input

dialog to kind of display a dialog box

to a user with a message on there

telling the user to enter their first

name it also had a text box so the user

could enter their first name so the user

enters their first name and stores the

first name we know that G option pain

the option pain that's showing for

dialogue method always returns okay

whatever the user types it returns it

back and so when it's returned back we

stir it in user first name we did the

same thing for user last name so we