I QUIT my pizza delivery job!

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hey what's up guys it's a Nick dub

coming back at you with another video

here in San Diego it's a Monday November

5th it's about 3 p.m.

just a quick little video here I

recently quit my pizza delivery job

actually I was at one place for almost

10 years got tired of it

the management was pretty bad and I just

started to quit there quit there a few

months ago and then I went to another

pizza place and decided to try that

things didn't work out so well I didn't

like it very much so I decided to quit

there so now I am doing just the

independent contractor driving jobs I'm

on about 10 different platforms so I got

plenty of options you know plenty of

choices if I can't make some decent

money doing you know these droughts and

you know independent contractor jobs

then there's probably something wrong

and probably something that I'm doing

wrong so I'm gonna give this a shot the

different platforms that I'm on are I'm

on uber which includes uber X and uber

eats I'm also on lift

bounce post mates I'm on grub hub door -

instacart saucy I'm on deliv and I'm on


so I believe that's like 10 different

platforms that I'm on right now so yeah

it's good to have multiple platforms you

have multiple options and you know you

can actually run multiple apps at one

time you know when you're working so

I'll let you guys know how things go

with this without the pizza job anymore

just doing these jobs right here if you

guys have any questions or comments

about any any of the jobs I do or

anything in general I'm always happy to

answer I try to I try to respond very

quickly if you do leave a comment or a

question to one of my videos so if you

want to sign up for anything

any of these any of these gigs then I

will leave my referral links

the description below like I don't

really do if you want to sign up that's

cool we'll both get some some money or

incentive once you sign up and you know

complete the required amount of trips or

whatever etc if you don't wanna use my

code that's cool use somebody else's if

you're gonna sign up you know so

somebody get some money I think that's

about it for this video guys

if you have any questions then just get

back at me okay thanks