Leave My Job or Accept New Offer?

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start today Albany New York were traces

on the line trace you're on the Ken

Coleman show hey Ken I was going thanks

for taking my call

well trace I'm living the dream what's

going on so I currently work for a great

company have a great job I make a good

salary but I was reached out to some the

recruiter with an opportunity for a vice

president position making about 25

thirty thousand dollars more than my

currently makes mm-hmm

but my company has been very very good

to me and I asked him Boyle to loyalty

to them they allowed me to move across

the country and work from home for my

family's benefit so I'm trying to debate

do I remain loyal or do I kind of go

after a maybe a better opportunity for a

larger salary yeah I want you to just

listen to what you just said because I

get this call a lot and I'm so glad you

called today because what you've

presented to me is Ken do I be loyal or

do I take a really good opportunity like

why you know and I mean no that's what

you just said and to you that's a really

clear choice and I don't see it that way

I see it as this isn't about loyalty

this is about you moving forward and

advancing in the work you love so to me

it has nothing to do with loyalty to

this current company has everything to

do with does this new offer just pay

more or is it a opportunity to step up

the ladder in my sweet spot now that's

what I want to know so let's just walk

through the three qualifiers tres does

this new opportunity allow you to use

what you do best

yeah does this new opportunity allow you

to do work that you really really love

yeah does this new opportunity create

results that mean something to you at

the end of your day and week you're

gonna go this was work that was

meaningful to me it created results that

matter deeply to me yes well then it's

in your sweet spot and it's gonna pay

you 25 to 30 thousand dollars more so as

far as I'm concerned it's in your sweet

spot it becomes a really awesome option

for you again not to just make more

money but to stay in your sweet spot

advance and make more money and I would

assume that this is also gonna get you

out of your comfort zone and stretch

a little bit professionally right it may

my concern a little bit too as a culture

like our company has an awesome culture

this company I do business with them

currently and it's a larger firm where

the culture which would be lesser than I

currently deal with so you know that do

you know that cost well I think the

culture matters big time and I'm so glad

you brought it up you've been listening

the show haven't you trace how confident

are you that you have a good good read

on the culture pretty confident just

from the folks that I deal with with

that company or who has left that

company right so tell me what's your

number one concern let's let's name this

that's not speak in generalities I don't

want you to hear yourself voice your

number one concern all these things are

adding up right now but we've got a

we've got a let's call it a yellow flag

that might be red what is the thing

you're concerned about if you take

yourself there you move there you take

this job and if the culture is what

you're concerned about what's that gonna

do to you what are you concerned about

say it my number-one concern would be

leaving to go to a company that

essentially has turnover or has layoffs

down the road my company has never laid

anybody else if this company has a down

trodden year or two they may lay people

off and well deal with is it really okay

is that a culture thing because that's a

business thing I mean if companies do

down to it have downturns at some point

you got to lay people off it doesn't

make you a bad culture it means you may

be a company that needs to be stronger

in its business strategy and and maybe

rainy-day kind of preparation but

sometimes you know downturns happen in

the economy I may have more of a

question about the healthiness of the

business and the business model I don't

know if that's a culture thing do you

understand what I'm saying okay yeah so

is that your number one concern I'm

talking when I hear culture I'm talking

culture means shared behaviors so what

are the shared behaviors of the

organization that's culture this is

these are the habits that our shared

leadership team is the way we treat

people is the way we work is the way we

treat our customers do you have concerns

about those things

I guess not until I actually would talk

to them and interview alright so here's

the deal if something out does something

I would obviously question them okay

great so here's the deal I'm not gonna

tell you that this is a this is a green

light then because that's why you called

me and I think you're thinking the right

way I think your homework assignment is

don't just rely on the interview process

to glean whether or not this is a

healthy culture you need to go online

these companies like last door you need

to see what customers are saying about

it maybe talk to some of the customers

you already work with them there are

ways for you to go get your information

and don't rely on just a person who got

fired or laid off because that person

might be healthy but they have a good

taste in their mouth we're looking for

objective real feedback on culture and

then trace if it's a yes after that then

take it because I still feel like a lot

of what you're worried about is this

company that you're with now has been so

good to you and it's giving you so much

opportunity so much flexibility and you

feel like you're gonna be a jerk if you

say hey guys it's been good but deuces

I'm out and that's not the case you

don't need to feel bad for taking a

wonderful opportunity so I think there's

two things you're wrestling with the

loyalty issue you don't need to

apologize anybody for taking a great


you just don't but this other thing you

know what to do and figure it out and if

you've got a gut check that's going I

don't there's just something doesn't

feel right about this then I'm fine with

it don't do it because the last thing

you want to do is step into a role and

six eight weeks later go boy this was a

bad move take your time on these moves

folks take your time culture matters