How to Quit a Motorcycle Club

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maybe you had enough maybe it's time for

you to go on down the road as a

independent and you're thinking about

leaving the motorcycle club world behind

today that's we're gonna talk about the

different ways you can leave the

motorcycle club now the two ways you can

leave a club out good or out bad the

decision generally is up to you how that

goes now some of you may have already

seen it and if you haven't I'm gonna

I'll throw a link up here and you can go

check it out in that video that I did

was how to join a motorcycle club that

video kind of lays out the proper

techniques of joining the motorcycle

club as the title would suggest now with

this there's some similarities between

joining and leaving a club


the major similarity is when you wanted

to join the club you went to all the

members maybe during a church meeting or

at some point they had a special

sit-down with you and they let you

profess why you wanted to join you had

to go in there and say I want to belong

to this club because and then they made

the decision if you were allowed to hang

around or prospect for that club now

leaving the club is not all that much

different if you want to do it the right

way you need to go in front of the same

people that you asked to join the club

and then you need to tell them why you

think it's best that you leave the club

and once you do that be prepared I would

say do your due diligence prior to that

meeting and what I mean by that is have

all your gear have your patches your cut

anything with the club logo on it

jewelry necklaces rings belt buckles

t-shirts anything if your motorcycle has

the logo on it I suggest you swap out

the sheet metal or you bring that

motorcycle to that meeting with the Club

logo removed from that motorcycle show

some sort of proof that it's been done

now there are differences within every

club so this video just like how to join

a motorcycle club there's going to be

some club out there that have various

nuances that are a little different from

one to another but for the most part if

you do what I'm telling you you should

be able to go out good with respect with

honor and with very few problems and

that goes for any club I'm talking 1% or

any general club out there you know you

hear the war stories the the horror

stories I should say you can't leave

they'll kill you they beat you up they

take your motorcycle and all those

things may have happened with various

clubs in the past but they probably

happened for a reason

and of course that part never gets told

if a motorcycles taking it might be

something as simple as that motorcycle

was originally obtained by the

motorcycle club it had the club insignia

on it and the club invested money in

that motorcycle so in their mind and

probably rightfully so it's their

motorcycle even though you may have

ridden it for however long now with that

being said if you want to stay on the

good side you know I am gonna suggest

that you don't go in there and say

something to the effect of I'm leaving

this club because all you guys are a

bunch of fricking losers that's probably

not going to go over well and you're

probably not going to get out of there

without some sort of confrontation be it

verbal or physical my suggestion is you

try to go out on the best note that you

can try to not make any minute enemies

and you leave quietly and when I say you

leave quietly after you do your parting

speech you give back every single

article that belongs to that club then

you can part ways the other thing is

make sure you don't have any debt and

when I say any debt I mean to the club

make sure your dues are up to date if

the club dues are collected at the end

of the month and you're leaving in the

middle of the month I would suggest you

go ahead and make your do payment and

don't worry about the two weeks if you

have any kind of debt to any patched

members or even prospects make sure

they're paid for make sure they're done

they're clean if you can't do that if

you're not able to pay off all the debts

see if you can't get a permission to

write them out when you will pay that

back and put it in writing to them and

your best hold true to your word be it

in writing or even if it's just verbal

prior to quitting I would suggest that

you sit down with the treasurer and/or

secretary depending on the club how its

structured and go over exactly what

articles need to be returned if they

have something on a list that you should

have and you don't have you need to

explain that away be very thorough

make sure there's no reason absolutely

no reason for them to say you're trying

to steal club property


once you do that you should be able to

leave the club without any problems

now why would you go out bad let's say

there's inter friction within the club

and you just can't handle it anymore the

first thing I'll tell you is don't quit

on a bad day you know that's kind of

been a a mantra of mine and in many

aspects of my life not saying you're not

allowed to quit I'm just saying don't

quit on a bad day let your emotions calm

down there's a that that's saying that

don't quit on a bad day that's a hiking

backpacking term phrase that's used a

lot don't quit

when it's raining quit when the sun's

shining and there's nothing obviously

wrong quit for the right reasons now if

you choose not to go out on the good way

there's always the bet and usually with

anything bad there's consequences you

have debt if you decide to push back on

the club well they're gonna put you out

back and there's depending again on the

clubs it depends on how you're put out

bad and as far as that goes there's some

clubs that there's different levels of

out good and what I mean by that is you

might go out good and still having no

contact clause in other words nobody

that is a part of that club is allowed

to contact you now I know there are some

clubs out there that

they'll put you out good with a

no-contact except two perhaps maybe the

president or vice president or whoever

they assign to you and that's the only

person you can contact and the reason

that's done is let's say you want your

you're out for a month and you have a

change of heart you want to go back in

that is your contact that's your point

of contact you reach out to that person

and that person alone will then decide

if you're welcome back and if you are

how they're gonna integrate you back

into the club that's done for several

reasons and that is obviously they don't

want you trying to convince other

members to leave you they don't want you

to influence any negativity to the other

patches they want to be able to control

that now if you go out bad there's

several levels of out bad you might be

out bad no contact you might be out bad

SOS SOS you know some believe it's shoot

on sight but you know that's probably

taking it to an extreme SOS is more of a

if they see you and we're able to to

cause you some problems they're supposed

to do that out bad idea say I don't

recommend anybody but it does happen and

does happen a lot and I've seen people

leave out good and get their status

changed to out bad there was one

individual West Coast he actually ran a

chapter for quite some time

and he was put out good and his status

got changed and one of the reasons they

initially said that his status was

changed because he started cooperating

with law enforcement which was not true

he didn't start to cooperate with law

enforcement until

his status got changed out bet and then

he was to the point of well if I'm out

bad I might as well make some money on

this and that's when he started

cooperating with law enforcement writing

books sitting down with television

producers and creating a whole bunch of

different things and he made a lot of

money doing it and then the other big

thing that he did that created a lot of

well let's just say turmoil and broken

hearts was he had information within the

club that nobody else had there is a

club that has a overseas bank account

and it was set up a long time ago by

just a handful of members and there is a

lot of money within that overseas

account and he brought that up and he

wasn't the only one over the years

there's been several members one other

enforcer from up north

brought it up and he wasn't even leaving

the club but the minute he started

asking questions about the overseas

account he was thrown out of the club

and they made him look dirty and

everything else but he did nothing wrong

he was a very dedicated member and so

out bad has its consequences it can

become violent I'm not going to sit here

in you you know

if you tell somebody you no longer love


you no longer aspire to be like them it

hurts their feelings I don't care if

they're rough and tough bikers or not

you're challenging you're questioning

their way of life