GTA 5 Online How to Quit a Job NEW!

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hello so guys today i'm going to show

you how you can create a mission or a

normal job and it could be any job like

a stunt race

a contact mission it could be arena wars

and a lot

other stuff like heists so i just want

to say guys it also works on public

sessions but it's going to be a other


so it's going to be a different method

to quit it and

on the public sessions i actually turned

it off so i don't get like

those weird missions or those annoying

missions again

i don't really need those money so it's

pretty annoying

so let's start off let's go to a normal


let's just select one i'm gonna just

select one that is

like populated and stuff like that


or i'm gonna wait like a pretty long

time to just start off

so let's go to a stone series

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will really help me out

and let's see we have five

people i'm gonna just

go skip forward till it starts

so guys after finally 42 hours

it finally started off so now i am in a


and let's just say that you don't want

to play anymore there are some couple

options what you can do

and a normal job so remember guys this

works for

all the jobs it doesn't matter on which

job you are so what you want to do

is the first option is you want to go to

your phone

go to job list and you want to go to


and now press on the square button

and once you press on the scare button

like you see you are you sure

you want to quit the job and you just

want to press on ok

and then you will be able to quit your

job easily and you don't need

to do something else so what you also

can do is you can just go to here

go to start go to online

and you can go to find new session so

once you do fight new session you will

also be in a new session and you can

also go to leave gta online

but that will just only go to gta online


just leave the gt online servers but

i will suggest you guys to use one of

these go to your phone

job list and quit and just quit from

here you can also just quit from

uh just doing find new session it's just

the same

now coming up to the public sessions how

you can quit the job on there

so let's start off now guys coming

up to the public sessions easily what

you have to do

is you want to go to the interaction


go down to hide options and on the heart

options what you want to do is you want

to go to jobs

and you want to hide them all so this is

just the normal jobs this is

it is just like the jobs that you go to

the blue check mark

and then go on there and just hide them


like a lot of people don't even use them


once you hide them they all disappear

let's go to events so these are the most


one so you want to hide all of them if

you don't want to do a mission

and a public session sometimes for no

reason at all

it's like i don't know maybe like a

threat draw

that drop or a criminal damage challenge

starts with all the other players

and pretty much annoying because you

cannot quit it

so what you do is you just want to hide

them all or

what you can do is you can do custom if

you only want to play like this

you can just do show and then just hide

them other

like you can hide the other ones off

that's pretty cool to give you like a

custom options

the others one it's not really important

it just shows you like the barber shop

or the clothes shop and

in the map so don't do that guys that's


for your uh own thing and this is it

guys so if you have questions just

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