Gta 5 Online - "How To Quit Jobs"

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what is going on everyone this is

another GTA 5 video this time is gonna

be doing a quick little how-to video its

how to quit jobs or like yeah jobs are

all like this is all jobs you know

missions death matches races whatever it

is and it's how to quit it you don't

have to kill yourself I'm actually

really surprised at the amount of people

that actually don't know how to do this

it's really easy and I'm just gonna

quickly show you how to do that now

alright so once you're in your job

mission whatever it is um if you want to

get out of it for whatever reason you

got to go you just don't want to do it

so what you want to do once you want to

leave is go to your phone and then go to

your job lists when you go the job list

in a mission in the job it shows the

current job you're on and I'll have a

little trash can as you can see to the

left and you want to hit your square

button on PlayStation and I believe it's

X on Xbox and this will bring you to a

confirm do you want to quit your job and

obviously you just press X Y whatever it

is on Xbox again so that's how you do it

it's really simple you don't have to

quit if you like you don't have to quit

through killing yourself cuz normal if

you do that you still bigger all the way

back you know all that other stuff where

this is just instantly out of the whole

thing so if you enjoyed this video guys

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